July’s Free PS Plus Games: Furi and Saints Row

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Today (July 5th), Playstation Plus subscribers are getting access to indie boss battler Furi and over-the-top sandbox game Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. I for one am very excited to play Furi as the art looks amazing, and the gameplay looks even better. The game looks like Afro Samurai (in fact it has an artist in common with the anime series) meets Tron and seems to play like an isometric Devil May Cry plus a little bit of bullet hell style arcade action. Oh and it has an amazing techno soundtrack too. Furi is the newest series in the growing “Boss Battler” genre, one that sees the player battling boss after boss without doing much else. I have never played a game in this relatively new genre and I’m hoping to play it soon then write a review so I can let you know how it is.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is, well, a Saints Row game. It is a crazy Grand Theft Auto game that is just pure silly, violent fun. The only difference is this time you play as the Saint Johnny Gat, complete with Angelic Powers, and you fight your way through Hell to rescue the President. It actually looks quite funny, at least that’s how it seems based on the launch trailer. I’ve never played a Saints Row game and now that this one is free it is the perfect chance. I’m excited for both games this month! If you want to get excited too, check out the trailers below:


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

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Joe PortesJuly’s Free PS Plus Games: Furi and Saints Row