The Last Guardian Is Actually Going To Come Out!

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Here’s something I never thought I’d get to write… The Last Guardian is real and it’s coming in just a few months! October 25th, to be more precise about the release date.

Sony released a new trailer for The Last Guardian at its E3 press conference earlier this week. At the end of the trailer the release date was shown and a healthy smattering of cheers were heard in the auditorium (and a probably inappropriate reaction from the audience of me in my house). Rightfully so. The third game from Team ICO (Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) has been stuck in seeming development hell since it was announced for the Playstation 3 way back in mid 2009. Trouble after trouble seemed to plauge the game, but at long last, we have a real game with a real release date!

Not only that, but we got a look at the box art for the North America edition.


Which is effectively the same as the Japanese box art.


And, if you’re really digging this game like I am, you can nab the Collector’s Edition.


You bet your ass I’ve already got it pre-ordered.


In case you haven’t seen in, here’s the trailer in full (without the annoying reactions in the crowd).

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Jason ArriolaThe Last Guardian Is Actually Going To Come Out!