Lucifer Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Mazekeen Smith

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Lucifer Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Mazekeen Smith

We begin with Maze and Dr. Linda drinking. They discuss the fact that Maze doesn’t have a soul. She’s constantly trying to live it up, because this is what she’s got. The bounty hunting gig is getting too easy, so she decides to go after someone challenging.

She decides to go after an infamous mobster.


OMG. Maze and Trixie are the cutest!

Maze goes to Canada to hunt her mobster. Oh, boy.

Dan is going on vacation in a hideous Hawaiian shirt.

Maze butters up the naive young blonde the mobster is seeing to find her mobster. Lucifer goes about finding Maze and the mobster from his end in the US. Chloe and Lucifer lean on his lawyer.

“Yeah, that’s kinda the point.”

Maze finds the mobster and he’s…distressingly ordinary. Except, he tries to con her. Then, he somehow gets her own cuffs on her, and he runs.

We find out that the cop hunting the mobster (the one Maze is ‘working for’) is crooked. Also, mobster used to work for him. A woman posing as room service shows up and shoots up the place, hitting the mobster. Maze has to remove a bullet from the mobster and stitches him up. He insists he’s been framed,

Dan shows up to help Maze?

“You think I got played.”

Mobster/Conman escapes again. Chloe finds out that indeed, conman is innocent. Maze and Dan save him from an entire execution squad. Chloe gets the crooked cop arrested and the conman cleared, but he still needs to run. There’s people above the cop who will still want him dead. Maze lets him go.

When she comes back, she realizes she’s exactly where she wants to be. She has a soul–of sorts–after all.

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