Lucifer Recap: The One With The Baby Carrot

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Lucifer Recap: The One With The Baby Carrot

Luci brings home a woman…and his wings pop out, ruining the mood for him. He tells her to go, and cuts them off again.

Talking with Dr. Linda, she seems concerned he keeps mutilating himself, and Lucifer says a few things that lead us to believe that maybe he’s beginning to have an identity crisis with The Sinnerman about. Apparently, he gives out favors too.

Chloe doesn’t think the guy exists, and the new boss picks up on the whole Nina Simone reference right away. Personally, I’m still wondering why Luci hasn’t popped his wings out for Chloe yet. It might not be his devil face, but it certainly shows he’s not human.

“Not everyone enjoys being mocked.”

The new murder case is a failing comedian. Lucifer sees himself in the victim, as the victim claims his material was stolen by another, more successful comedian.

The new boss is also spying on our detectives. Hmm. Why?

Ella turns out to be a huge fan of the prime suspect.

Amenadiel is concerned about Dr. Linda. He takes her into his confidence–he needs to get rid of all of Lucifer’s severed wings so that humans won’t find proof of the Divine. She gets the garbage bags.

New Boss is waaaaaaaaay too interested in Lucifer. He brings Dan in on his desire for intel on him.

“Some of us have important work to do, like entertaining America.”

Prime Suspect is a dick. However, when Lucifer tries to steal his show, he inadvertently shoots the guy with a gun that was stashed in one of the puppets. Seems like Mr. Suspect knew it was there, though. It’s a flesh wound. Turns out, suspect hates his job and admits he did steal the victim’s material. He’s not the killer.

Linda sees what disposing of the wings is doing to Amenadiel, and thinks if it’s a test–like Amenadiel thinks–it’s a cruel one.

Luci and Chloe figure out that the real killer was someone the original jokes were making fun of (someone with a micropenis?).

“You ran here with your tail between your legs?”

New Boss stops in to see Lucifer at his penthouse to warn him off of looking for The Sinnerman. Said he’d had a run-in with the guy in Chicago that ‘didn’t end well’. Someone close to him ended up dead.

Linda and Amenadiel end up burning the wings. Amenadiel is pretty bent out of shape. Linda asks him if Lucifer is maybe the actual test, not the wings themselves.

The detectives set a trap for the killer at an Open Mic comedy night, as threatening emails that came to the other comedian came from that building during open mic nights. Dan makes tiny penis jokes, and Lucifer gives him grief to draw the killer out.

“Maybe there’s no friend at all and you’re the one with the baby carrot!”

They talk to the suspect, and find out it wasn’t him, either. Lucifer name drops #Lucifans! Heheheheheheh. Thanks, writers!

The killer turns out to be the warm up comedian for the original suspect.

New Boss says he will help Luci take down The Sinnerman. Interesting.

Talking to Linda, Lucifer comes to the conclusion that even if it looks like The Sinnerman is trying to steal his schtick, Luci can still do it better.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: The One With The Baby Carrot