Mainstream in the Games industry

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Mainstream in the Games industry

Games are an all-time solution for people of all age groups, especially when they are free, and they want to have some fun. Playing games can be fun if you know the controls and the mission of the game. However, some people have had difficulties in choosing games because they don’t know what they want. Most developers have produced games ranging from multi Battle Royale to fighting games to first-person shooters, epic and even racing games. Therefore as you prepare to pick your favourite game, you need to consider your interest. In this article, I have listed the most popular games that will help you to make a good decision.

Call of duty

Call of duty is among the top games on this list. It was develop based on world war. This game is a first-person shooter style that allows you to complete missions. Although you can play multiplayer battles when you’re connected online. It is an exciting game, especially when you’re playing against other opponents in an online platform. This game is currently most played among Americans teenagers, although other parts of the world are also enjoying this particular game.


I know at one point in time, you must have heard people talking about the popular Spider-Man. Well, this is among the popular game which a storyline rotate about a super crime Lord who formulates a plan to take over New York city’s and threatens to release a catastrophic virus to the city. Therefore Spider-Man plays a role of disrupting the criminal plans in an attempt to safeguard the city from demolition. If you are an action-adventure games fanatic, then this is the best game for you.

League of legends

This game is popularly known as LOL. It is the initials of the league of legends. This is one of the most epic games that has ever been developed over the years. It provides a multiplayer online platform that allows you to compete with other online players. The game shows some origin based on World of Craft III; the frozen throne. Therefore you are the one who plays the role of the summoner who is controlling champion that has various capabilities. In this game, you will be fighting against other teams or players in an attempt to destroy the opposing teams;” Nexus”.

If you have never played this game, I will challenge you that you give it a try because it is one of the best games that will ever play. This game is common among teenagers and video game fanatics. It is addictive and very interesting gameplay all the time.


Minecraft is among the best games that have received several positive reviews from the users. This game was created and released in 2011 by Mojang. When playing Minecraft, you will be able to explore, build a variety of 3D building blocks, participate in combat and gather resources. This game sold over 170 million copies which show it is among the best selling games globally. If you have never played this game, don’t be left out because you will have a wonderful experience.

Grand Theft Auto V

This is an action-adventure game that has caught the attention of many. The players are free to use vehicles or get around on foot as they pursue their missions. It is among the fastest-selling games which earned approximately 1 billion in 3 days. It is addictive and has fantastic game dynamics. If you can recall the previous GTA, then you’ll be good as well play The Grand theft Auto V.

Well, when downloading these games from various online stores, it is important to be cautious because some of them could be infected by a virus. These are malicious programs that will damage the operating system of your device, which predisposes you to security attacks. Therefore you need to download AVAST antivirus which will help you in scanning these games before installing them on your PC or your Xbox. Once you are certain that it is free from virus, then you can start gaming with your friends.


The games I have listed in this article are popular because they have a good game setting based on an elaborate storyline and missions. They were also developed under a high budget which has made them be sold globally. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can start by learning how to navigate in these games, and once you master the whole concept, you will always be gaming.

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Pop Culture BeastMainstream in the Games industry