Making Bank: Creating A Successful Business That Caters To Pop Music Fandoms

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Making Bank: Creating A Successful Business That Caters To Pop Music Fandoms

In 2021, pop music remains to be the top music genre that people listen to. Whether you’re strolling in a shopping mall, doing your groceries, or even playing video games, there’s a very high chance that you hear pop music in the background. Along with the popularity of the artist are the groups that the fans have created. In the past decade, we have seen how these fandoms have made big moves to support their faves. They are bigger, more vocal, and more influential now, thanks to social media. This shift not only allows fans to enjoy interacting with their favorite artists and fellow fans, but it also allows some of them to earn from it. Whether you are a part of the Beyhive, a Swiftie, or a proud BTS ARMY, there are several business ideas you can start from the comforts of your own home. Here are a few things you can do to make bank from the fandom.

Sell Some Merch

Not only are fandoms bigger, but fans are also much more willing to buy some merch. A BTS fan alone could spend $1,422 to show support to the group, so you can take advantage of this new spending habit by creating your own merch for the fandom. Since you’re a part of the fandom, you would know what lyrics, song titles, or images fans would want on certain products, so you can try creating and selling them. Fans would even love it more if it’s also customizable. Once your merch business becomes successful, you might want to hire some people to assist you with operations, manufacturing, and other tasks. Make sure to compensate them fairly and consider getting workers comp insurance to cover your employees’ medical expenses or lost wages if they get hurt on the job.

Start A Podcast

Another way to earn through pop music is to create a pop music podcast dedicated to the fandom you are in. If you actively stan a singer or a band, you know that you would have a lot of things to say about their music, and many people would want to hear some of your thoughts too. It’s also a great way to connect with your fellow fans. While it can be a slow start, once you’ve grown your audience, you can eventually monetize it in multiple ways, such as creating your own merch, getting support from your community (e.g., setting up a Patreon account), or even getting sponsorships.

Create A YouTube channel

If you have a knack for video editing, starting a YouTube channel using your pop music fandom as your niche is another way to earn a profit. You can create reaction videos to new songs, concert vlogs, or even your recent merch hauls to start gaining more subscribers. You can even have your channel along with your podcast, so you can get views for your recordings as well. Once you’ve reached the number of followers to monetize your videos, use AdSense to earn more. In the long run, you may also get sponsorship for your videos as the number of your subscribers increase. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up having your favorite artist as a guest too.

The pop music industry continues to get bigger each year, with new and old artists creating more quality music. As the industry grows bigger, the fan groups get bigger and more passionate too, so there will definitely be an opportunity to make a living out of your passion for pop music.

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Garon CockrellMaking Bank: Creating A Successful Business That Caters To Pop Music Fandoms