Midnight, Texas Recap: Blinded by the Light

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Blinded by the Light

The episode starts with teenagers causing nighttime havoc, spray painting and vandalizing the town. They get scared off by Lem, and they leave one of their number behind. The girl is picked up by the scary pickup truck we’ve been shown a few times now.

Fiji is having demon nightmares. Ones that leave her with scratches.

Manfred is having reactions to encountering so many dead. He’s popping pills like crazy.

No one had a good night’s sleep.

Creek’s brother appears to be getting roughed up by their dad.


One of the teenagers goes looking for the missing girl and asks questions in town. It gets everyone worried. They talk about everything that’s happened, and Joe is still avoiding telling anyone about the Hellmouth under Midnight.

Creek and Manfred find the body of the blood donor from Zacharias’ bus in the woods. Manfred tries to talk to her spirit, but he can’t raise her.

The Rev tries to convince Joe to tell everyone what’s really going on. As the residents talk to each other, it seems like they may be figuring it out themselves.

Creek and Manfred go looking for her brother, and find only her drunk dad, who pops Manfred in the nose. Classy guy.

They find the brother staggering into town. Looks like he was nearly the next victim.


The Rev tattles on Joe–not about who he is, but about the Hellmouth.

Manfred and Lem look for the girl after dark, and they find Creek’s dad standing over her. Is he the guy in the pickup truck? Maybe that’s why Creek’s brother is still alive? Creek talks to her brother about it, and I’ve got a bad feeling….

Manfred goes to the house to ask his victims–and yep. Dad’s not the culprit. The brother is. Creek and Bobo go to Creek’s house to collect the brother–but they’re gone. Poor, clueless Creek doesn’t figure it out until they’re already driving away from town.


Creek’s dad explains that he had his family in Midnight because he knew Midnighters could protect themselves.

The Midnighters prepare to look for Creek, and Joe lets his secret out. He figures he can cover more ground from above. He stops their escape, and Lem breaks Creek’s brother’s neck.

Creek tells her father she never wants to see him again.

Joe tells The Rev that because he used his light to stop the truck, people would come looking for him. As if the Hellmouth wasn’t enough. Joe calls Chuy, and cryptically warns him that Midnight isn’t safe for him anymore, that if it was discovered who/what Chuy is they’d both get killed. Hmm.

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