Midnight, Texas Recap: Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay S02E05

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

Last episode, a weretiger girl was rescued, the town lost it’s Rev, Bobo became a yellow labrador, Olivia opened up to Lem, and Patience kissed Manfred. Also, it looks like Madonna is working for Olivia’s father.

What’s next?

‘Looks like you need a refill.’

Lem sees that Olivia is dreaming about having a family of her own, with Lem. Lem feels oddly about it, since he can’t reproduce, being technically undead and all. Lem goes to Kai to have the vampire removed, and turn himself mortal again. Olivia is piiiiised.

Patience and Manfred are sleeping together. I really, really think she’s up to something.

Fiji brings Bobo out on the town, and explains to folks what all happened. Lem also goes outside in the sun, shocking everyone. Not everyone is supportive, but Joe congratulates him.

Fiji tries to find help online from other witches, but to no avail.

‘Now it is possible.’

Olivia is freaking out over the whole Lem thing. She doesn’t really want to start a family, as she’s too afraid of her past. Lem being a vampire made it safe for her to daydream about it, but when confronted with the very real possibility of being able to do it, she’s backing out.

Manfred and Patience find Kai with one of the hotel girls dead of an apparent suicide. Manfred calls the dead girl’s spirit, and she hows him that she was murdered by an assailant she couldn’t see.

Olivia finds out Madonna works for her father. It goes over about as well as you’d expect. She admits to giving the blood sample to her father, and gives Olivia the address where her father is staying.

‘They think we’re catty, but they’re the real bitches.’

A witch named Celeste comes looking for Fiji, because she keeps tabs on the sites Fiji tried to get help from. Celeste tells Fiji she got kicked off the witch help site because she’s a dark witch–which Fiji vehemently denies. As it turns out, it might be a matter of lineage rather than intent.

Manfred goes to talk to Joe about the dead girl and the invisible murderer, and the invisible person follows him. Manfred spatters them with  little paint, and Joe sees that it’s a person and not a ghost as well.

Olivia and Lem go to talk to her father, and she encounters a young Olivia hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. Is this real? Is Olivia awake? Her father walks in, and she throat punches him. It appears her father made manifestations of them from his memory?

‘How could I not see that she needed help?’

Patience laments that she didn’t see that the dead girl had needed help. She still thinks the girl committed suicide. Wonder if Patience knows what’s actually going on?

Olivia’s father feels bad at what her stepmother did to Olivia, but he used some of Olivia’s blood and her Mother’s ashes to resurrect his memory of a happy family. Um, warped much? Lem recognizes right away that this is going to be a problem.

Manfred thinks Kai was the invisible one. He goes spying after Kai, but finds out the invisible murderer was the other girl. The other girl says she was going to go against Kai, and she also knows Manfred and patience are sleeping together. She tries to kill Manfred.

Celeste says if she pledges herself to the dark witches, they can break the curse on Fiji’s family. Fiji is not too happy about that.

‘I don’t think I became the person my mother wanted me to be.’

Olivia is starting to get sucked into her Dad’s little moment of perfection. Lem starts to regret giving up his powers, as he sees what’s happening. He calls Fiji. Celeste lends a parole of sorts so Bobo can be human for 48 hours, and Madonna brings Fiji and Bobo to rescue Lem and Olivia. Fiji embraces her darkness to defeat Olivia’s father. He asks Olivia to kill him, and she refuses.

Madonna flees Midnight.

Fiji decides to give in to Celeste.

Manfred confronts Kai about the murder. He figures out that the invisible girl was drinking some of the leftover monster energy to become invisible. When Kai draws out monsters, he apparently bottles them. They don’t just go away. So, Rev’s tiger and Lem’s vampire are in there somewhere.



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