Midnight, Texas Recap: I Put a Spell on You S02E04

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Midnight, Texas Recap: I Put a Spell on You

Last episode, we found out Fiji and Bobo are doomed because of an old curse placed on Fiji’s bloodline, and that Joe misses being a demon hunter and is probably falling for Hunter. Something crooked is up with Patience and Kai, and either she’s really attracted to Manfred or just wanting something from him. We’ll see on that one. Rev has given up the tiger and left, and poor Bobo got dumped.

What’s next?

‘Please help her.’

A very pregnant woman staggers into the church at night. A baby bursts through her belly, killing her. Ow. The mother leaves a note for Rev, asking him to help ‘Mary’–presumably the baby. Is the baby a weretiger?

Manfred is drinking with Patience. She starts complaining a bit about Kai. This doesn’t look good. What’s she up to?

Everyone gathers in the church to see the baby weretiger, since yes, that’s exactly what she is. The mother’s body shows indications she was kept in captivity. Mary also begins developing at a rapid pace. Apparently, weretigers mature to about 18 years old almost immediately, then resumes a more normal pace of development.

Olivia is suspicious of Patience. She always had good instincts.

Lem wants he and Olivia to care for Mary. Olivia doesn’t really want a kid.

‘That’s a hard no.’

Fiji is trying hard to dump and discourage Bobo, but he’s pretty persistent. It’s sweet, but it’s either going to result in death or paws. Fiji won’t tell him the truth, and that’s ultimately going to be what decides it.

Patience and Manfred go looking for the truck the pregnant woman came to town in, to learn more about her and where she came from. They find a picture of the woman with Mary’s dad (hey, that’s a familiar face! It’s Denver local Jesse Phillips!), but not much else to clue them in to where the woman came from. That is, until someone comes looking for the truck.

Olivia and Mary are off to a rocky start, as she’s stuck watching Mary during the day while Lem has to be under cover and away from the sun. Mary starts asking a lot of questions, like why she’s growing so fast, and where her mother is. We also get a reminder that either Olivia doesn’t know where her own Dad is, or she’s been running from him.

‘Project coffee.’

Fiji doses Bobo with a potion to forget her. Yeah, this’ll work out really well. Yipes. He seems to not know who she is, but he still likes her. Yeah, this might be a bit more difficult than Fiji thought. Bobo keeps being flirty on instinct.

Manfred and Patience find out that the weretiger’s mother had been held captive, and two men are out looking for both her and the baby, and they’re carrying shock collars. Once Olivia finds out (and Mary wanders off), Olivia gets super protective, and comes to the rescue–only to find out the young weretiger has her killer instincts intact already. Joe and Manfred tell the police when they arrive that there was an animal attack.

Manfred sees the shade of one of the kidnappers, and realizes he’s Romani–like Manfred is. He might be able to use that to find out more from the host.

Olivia is now much more invested in the whole looking after Mary thing. Is she liking having something like family?

They meet an older woman at Madonna’s restaurant who claims to be Mary’s grandmother. Turns out, she is–but she’s also a Romani supernatural fight club owner who was the one to enslave the weretiger and her own daughter in the first place. The Romani ghost tells Manfred about it. Now, the Midnighters need to go rescue Mary.

Olivia is pissed.

They go to the fight club ‘undercover’, with Lem as Manfred’s fighter while the others rescue Mary.

Meanwhile, Bobo goes to visit Fiji at her shop. He’s persistent, and easily breaks the spell and remembers everything. Fiji has to finally tell him.

Olivia rescues Mary. She seems to be warming up to the idea of taking care of someone. The Midnighters free the rest of the Romani fight club menagerie as well. Mary decides to leave with her father, and Olivia takes it pretty hard. She hasn’t felt like she had a family in a long time. She opens up to Lem about it. She cries, and Lem lets her experience it, rather than taking the pain away like he usually does.

Patience kisses Manfred. This will not end well.

Fiji turned Bobo into a yellow Labrador. Figures, that he was destined for ears and a tail. She says it’s only temporary, until she figures out how to keep him safe. Look how that turned out for Mr. Snuggly, though.

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JL JamiesonMidnight, Texas Recap: I Put a Spell on You S02E04