Midnight, Texas Recap: Sexy Beast

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Sexy Beast

We open with a privileged brat telling a relative on the phone that he didn’t sell daddy’s rolex, as he counts cash. He’s in a red convertible, and he sees a hot blonde by the side of the road–of course he stops. Dumbass.

Yep, he gets eaten. Literally. She’s a succubus.

Manfred and Creek are definitely still sleeping together. She reminds him they have to be a secret.

Hightower is still calling him. A lot. He’s making threats now.

Time to pay the piper

Bobo is getting angry that the motorcycle gang leader is getting away with Aubrey’s murder, and was thinking about taking care of things himself. Fiji got pretty pissed off he was even thinking about it. She invites him over for dinner.

A woman comes in looking for the guy who got eaten. Bobo sends her to Manfred to find him.

Olivia lends Fiji a dress for her dinner date with Bobo. A slinky dress. Woo!

Talking to the dead

Manfred uses the dead guy’s pinky ring to get a fix on his location…and ends up calling his spirit instead. He figures out in pretty short order what happened.

Olivia is out on a job, and we discover that the people she hits are horrible people. So, yes, she’s a contract killer, but one with a little conscience?

There’s someone following her, however. She knocks the guy out and brings him back home to Lem.

Late to dinner

Bobo goes home to change before his dinner date with Fiji to find that his house has been tossed and a swastika spray painted on the wall. So much for that promise not to go after the bikers.

Manfred finds the succubus, finally. He manages to escape by trapping her in the roadside rest stop he finds her in.

Fiji gets pretty pissed at being stood up, but at least she’s home to help Manfred get the others together to talk about the succubus.

Creek’s brother starts spying on Manfred, and tells Creek he was in the strip club (looking for the succubus).


Olivia tortures her spy with running water until he admits her father hired him. She questions him as to why. Lem brings her to the saloon with the rest to find the succubus.

Fiji makes a spray to remove the succubus’ glamour. They all go to the bar to look for her…and oh look, Bobo’s there. He’s decided he’s going to kick the shit out of some neo-nazi bikers.

Fiji pulls him out, and he thinks she came after him. She has to tell him the truth.

Creek’s brother shows up at the bar. That’s when she spots the succubus in the parking lot.

Not so glamorous now

They bring her to the woods, and she runs off after Creek’s brother. When it’s obvious she’s not going to play nice, Manfred torches her with a propane tank.

Olivia lets the spy go, and gives him a message to take to her father. First, she tells him what her stepmother did to her (sold her to friends for drugs), and tells him to tell her father to leave her alone.

Joe and Chuy worry about the thinning veil. Chuy worries that he might not be able to control himself.

Bobo comes to apologize to Fiji…and they *finally* kiss.

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