Midnight, Texas Recap: The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy S02E02

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Midnight, Texas Recap: The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy

So, last week we saw some crazy shit–Manfred had some kind of demon-induced infection of dark goo that made him want to kill people, and the new guy in town Kai (who talks to paintings) did a laying on of hands to cure him. Oh, and Kai has some kind of zombie or mummified head in a cage? Creek left, and some demon killer named Walker came to town.

Let’s see what we have this week.

‘It’s ok to miss her.’

We begin with Kai healing another person. Hmm.

Manfred is depressed without Creek. No surprise there.

Manfred sees a ghost killing the latest dude Kai healed by drowning him in a bathtub. He gets Patience (Kai’s wife) to unlock the room, telling her what he saw. She takes it in stride, because of course she does. They’re too late. Kai is a bit doubtful (this, from the faith healer?) when Manfred suggests closing the room, since he’s only seen her glaring from that window. He offers to oust the errant ghost.

All of Fiji’s plants are dead. Naturally, Bobo and Fiji are nervous.

Joe tells Manfred that the ghost died….wait for it…by drowning in the bathtub in that very room.

‘Guys, I love this top. Don’t make me get your blood on it.’

Some skeevy guys hit on Olivia at the bar, and Lemuel chases them off before Olivia can have any fun kicking their asses. She chalks it up to one more thing to get used to being married to a guy she has a psychic connection to. Her and Lem have some things to work out.

Some young woman notices the fang Lem flashed at the bar dudes, and begs to be turned. Yeah…no. He gets her to leave.

Manfred finds out the killer ghost isn’t the woman, but her husband.

Bobo gave Walker Joes number? Ooooh. Hmm.

As Fiji and Bobo make out in the pawn shop, something pulls out the anchors on some hanging antler thing, and it nearly skewers Bobo. Is someone/something jealous?

Manfred admits to Kai and Patience that they’re going to need Fiji’s help in chasing out the ghosts.

‘I don’t think you’ll be in any condition to drive.’

The vampire groupie poisons Lem with silver, and while he’s out of it gets what she needs to have him turn her. Yikes. Skeevy much?

Instead of killing her, Lem…brings her home? Olivia wants to kill her, but of course he doesn’t let her. He feels sorry for the girl.

Manfred is in denial about Creek. Again, big surprise. He tries to convince the woman ghost to tell him where her and her husband’s bones are buried, and the whole thing ends in Manfred being used like a big ghost skinpuppet, arguing with himself. He ends up giving marriage counseling while two ghosts argue inside him. He finds out their bones are together, somewhere in the basement of the hotel.

The vampire groupie runs away. Oops. New vamp on the loose, doesn’t even know her own powers? Yeah, that’s not a recipe for death.

‘It’s Midnight. There are skeletons in the closet. And the walls. And the floorboards.’

Joe is feeling ennui. He doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore. It looks like he may want to start monster killing.

Lem and Olivia get pretty whiny and salty with one another. They talk, and eventually they figure out that new vampire chick is likely getting revenge at the strip club she hates working at. When they get to the club, they find out Dawnette (the new vamp) killed a bunch of people, and turned two more strippers. The three are headed to Crystal Desert, as earlier that day she was refused a new job there.

Manfred and Patience tear holes in the basement until they find the bones. They, Fiji and Kai then evict the ghosts permanently, but not before the woman ghost tells Manfred that ‘there are secrets behind the woods’. Hmm.

The new vamp trio get to Crystal Desert, and start intimidating people.

‘Isn’t patriarchy the real enemy here?’

Of course, Lem and Olivia aren’t far behind, and they make short work of one, but not before the second kills someone. Olivia makes her a pile of dust. Dawnette goes after Kai, as he was the one who refused her the job. Lem gets to her, and convinces her she doesn’t really want to kill Kai. Kai heals her instead, drawing the vampire out. This makes Manny realize that Kai can render supernaturals human.

That’s a bit freaky.

Lem and Olivia talk about him being a bit overprotective since their joining. Things can’t stay this way.

Fiji and Bobo start getting it on, and Bobo nearly gets speared by an errant athame. Fiji needs to sort out whatever is happening before her and Bobo can ever get it on again. Ouch. You thought the sexual tension was bad in Season 1? Well, it’s about to get worse.

Manfred realizes the comment ‘there are secrets behind the woods’ was referring to the weird painting in Kai’s office that he was talking to. Manny goes snooping, and finds the head in the cage behind a secret wall–which is the painting. He goes to touch it (presumably to find out who it is?) and gets thrown across the room, unconscious. Well. This will be an awkward one to explain.


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JL JamiesonMidnight, Texas Recap: The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy S02E02