Midnight, Texas Recap: To Witch Hell and Back S02E03

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Midnight, Texas Recap: To Witch Hell and Back

In the previous episode, we see that Olivia’s new connection to Lem is chafing a bit–where sometimes it’s nice that he knows what she’s feeling, other times, it’s like he thinks she can’t take care of business herself. With her intimacy issues, this could spell trouble.

Manfred found a head in a cage in Kai’s office that could be a source of his power. Fiji and Bobo are having problems with Bobo being nearly flattened every time they get intimate.

What’s next?

‘You ok, darlin’?’

Patience finds Manfred passed out cold on the floor of the office. She tells Manfred that the head is one of Kai’s ancestors. He tells her that the ghost told him the head was there. Patience seems to be getting awfully chummy with Manfred. I don’t know if this bodes well.

Manfred steals a hair from Patience to have Fiji test it to see if Patience has good intentions. Hmm.

Again, Bobo has an accident while Fiji is thinking naughty thoughts about him. So maybe it’s not the nookie itself, but the intention? She tells Bobo they need to stay apart until she figures out what’s going on.

‘The problem is, he’s way more powerful than we thought.’

The Midnighters are a bit disturbed over Kai being able to remove the supernatural from supernatural creatures.

Fiji gets her witch group to help her contact the spirit world. In the meantime, Manfred tells her about the head in the cage, and asks Fiji about testing the hair. She does, and it appears Patience’s intentions are good. Fiji’s group determines that Fiji is at fault for the accidents.

Manfred takes a peek at what the group is seeing, and figures out that Aunt Mildred knows what’s wrong. She’s also in Witch Hell, and needs to tell Fiji.

‘I don’t want to leave you here alone.’

Joe is excited to go out hunting. He’s feeling guilty about it–is it because he’s attracted to Hunter? He goes out on the town with Hunter to kill some demons.

Manfred tells Fiji he can pull Mildred’s spirit into this world if he trades places with it. The ceremony is dangerous, but doable.

Rev is acting strangely. Did he take Kai up on a tiger removal? We get to see a bit about Rev’s past, and find out that before he came to Midnight, he accidentally killed someone.

Fiji tells Bobo about the plan to find out what’s going on with them.

Madonna is obviously up to something. Someone keeps asking her for proof of something–is Olivia’s father looking for her?–and Madonna collects what looks like a blood sample from Olivia.

‘I’ve dedicated my life to settling the score.’

Hunter is pretty obsessed with killing demons. They took something from him, and he’s looking to take back his own.

Patience asks Manfred out for a drink. He has to put her off, though, as he’s about to go to Fiji’s. She offers to let him see clients out of Crystal Desert. He sounds like he’s going to take her up on it.

Joe and Hunter slaughter some demons.

Lem goes to talk to Rev and finds out that yes, Rev had Kai take the tiger away. He also explains that after he accidentally killed the guy in his past (the real Reverend Sheehan), that was when he reinvented himself as the Rev and came to Midnight. Now it’s time for him to move on to something and somewhere else. Awr.

‘Why don’t you come in, friend?’

Manfred and Fiji open the way to Witch Hell and swap places with Mildred. Mildred tells Fiji that there’s a curse on the women of their family that anyone who loves them is doomed to die. Unless she can get Bobo not to love her anymore, he’s going to die. The only other way to prevent his death is to do what Mildred did–turn her love into an animal familiar. Yikes. So that’s where Mr. Snuggly came from.

Joe gives himself a haircut?

Manfred accepts the offer of renting space to see his clients at the Crystal Desert. He also asks Patience if Kai can remove Fiji’s curse, but it doesn’t work that way. Kai calls and says he’s going to be out of town a little longer, and Patience gets upset. Manfred takes her out for a drink. Oops. This doesn’t bode well.

Lem apologizes to Olivia for being too overprotective. He also gathers everyone to tell them that Rev has left.

Fiji lies to Bobo and says Mildred told her they aren’t meant to be. She’s trying to break up with him, but I doubt it’ll work. Are ears and a tail in Bobo’s future?


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