Mini Review: Happy End

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Happy End
Mini Review: Happy End

Remember when the dark but moving Amour was nominated for some Oscars and you were going to see it but heard it was a tough watch? Happy End, the latest film from Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke (Funny Games), isn’t a sequel, but feels like it was conceived in the same headspace, even down to a blatant similarity in one pivotal scene. Instead of Amour‘s French take on love and death, we get a multi-generational French family’s take on rivalry, politics, suicide, alcoholism, love (ish) and death, all in a topical juxtaposition to what’s going on in Europe right now. Occasional humour but, damn, these people. Your response to Happy End will depend on whether you like your families even a little happy. This one is not. Starring Isabelle Hupert and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

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Martina O'BoyleMini Review: Happy End