Indie RTS Hit Mushroom Wars is Now on PC

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Creat Studios’ hit real-time strategy game Mushroom Wars, initially released on Playstation 3 in 2009, has now come to PC. The game was officially released on April 5th on Steam, and, up until then, it was previously available on iOS, Android, and the aforementioned PS3 console.


Mushroom Wars has very few controls and is simple to play yet difficult to master. The lack of too many controls makes it work particularly well on touch devices, but it seems an even better fit on the PC where you only need the two mouse buttons and the wheel to issue all your commands to an adorable mushroom army. Your goal is capture villages that produce units until they reach a population limit and then you move on to capturing the next village. Ultimately, it is a numbers game at its heart.

The artwork is vibrant and cute, and the whole game has a very lighthearted tone. It may not have the depth of most RTS games but it is very inviting for casual gamers. The Campaign is enough to keep players busy with dozens of missions, but if you are looking for more of a challenge you can always take on real opponents in the Online mode. You can always jump into Skirmish with A.I. opponents of various difficulties if you’d rather not face off against real people. Check out the PC trailer below for more info.



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Joe PortesIndie RTS Hit Mushroom Wars is Now on PC