Anything Goes on National Margarita Day

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National Margarita Day 2017

Can you just make up a holiday? Yes, you can, says (corporate) America, starting with Thanksgiving, making a natural progression through the ridiculous “Sweetest Day” (that one seems to have peaked in the 1990s) and now, thankfully, culminating in National Margarita Day. Today. Yes, a Wednesday, but it would be rude not to celebrate, right? Just think of it, the clock turns five-thirty (hey, it is always Happy Hour somewhere, amIright?) and soon the cold tart liquid love that is made of up of tequila, triple sec and lime can be yours. Just shut down that computer and beat Ken from Accounting to the elevator.

National Margarita Day or International Margarita Day?

Every place in the US with a liquor licensNational Margarita Day 2017e, and some of those that don’t cotton to the government telling them what to do with their business, will have specials going today.  UK tequila enthusiasts who twenty years ago only had one place to go for a proper drink – the late, lamented Texas Embassy near Trafalgar Square – are spoilt for choice nowadays. I’d suggest Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden, ask for Rico. And if you want to go to the next level, shake up the idea of a traditional margarita at Benito’s Hat where customers are being invited to bring along any ingredient of their choice to be incorporated into a bespoke drink. You’ll be charged £5 a margarita and literally anything goes. Melon, maple syrup, Maltesers, err… menthol? anything else you think would spark up the classic cocktail and make you feel like the special snowflake you are. Use your imagination, or stick to the classic –  just do your civic duty, and be the only one in the office who lames out on celebrating this very important day.




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Martina O'BoyleAnything Goes on National Margarita Day