New Music Friday: Leon Bridges, Tyler the Creator, Migos, Blanco Brown & more!

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Leon Bridges new music friday

How are feeling today? So-so? So why not check out all the tunes released for New Music Friday?

Not sure how? Well, come along with me as I sort through another half-dozen new tunes today and give you my kneejerk reaction.

I’ve been doing a Twitch stream at at noon PT / 3pm ET on Fridays. I use my expertise as an opinionated 40-year-old dude to listen to the new music and give my unfiltered thoughts. This strange undertaking is called New Music Friday.

I bestow one of four possible verdicts on each new song after one listen: SKIP!!, Add to Playlist, Play the Whole Album, BUY THE VINYL!! SKIP!! is the worst designation and BUY THE VINYL!! is the absolute best.

Here are the highlights from today’s New Music Friday stream:

Song 1: “I’d Love Just Once to See You (Take 1)” by Elastic No-No Band & Toby Goodshank
Final thoughts: A follow-up single to the Fuster No-No’s: Sessions, Demos, Ephemera 2008-2011 album released last June. I made this, so I think it’s a keeper.

Song 2: “How Did I” by Migos
Final thoughts: It’s a bonus track on a deluxe edition for a reason. Good but not amazing. Also I don’t believe that it’s not collectively Migos’ fault that they “effed” my “bee.” Add to playlist

Song 3: “Feeling Good” by Chlöe
Final thoughts: One half of Chloe x Halle offers a modernized take on Nina Simone that folds in Simone’s original approach, ’90s slow-jam R&B, and modern trap production. It’s a weird mishmash… but it kind of works. Add to playlist

Song 4: “Why Don’t You Touch Me” by Leon Bridges
Final thoughts: A smooth and somber breakup song that highlights Leon Bridges soulful singing voice. Tasteful and perfectly executed. PLAY THE VINYL!!

Song 5: “Nobody’s More Country” by Blanco Brown
Final thoughts: Brown’s “Trailer Trap” sound is clearly influenced by the success of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” For a blatant bit of crossover pandering, it is goofy good-natured fun. Add to playlist

Song 6: “2 You” by Mariah the Scientist
Final thoughts: I like the singing, but the noisy-ass production tramples all over it. This song badly needs a remix. ‘Til then… SKIP!!

Song 7: “Lumberjack” by Tyler, the Creator
Final thoughts: I’m not high enough for this. Lemme get back to you later tonight. Add to playlist

The next New Music Friday livestream will be at noon PT / 3pm ET on June 25 at Should be fun!

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Justin RemerNew Music Friday: Leon Bridges, Tyler the Creator, Migos, Blanco Brown & more!