Preacher Recap: Angelville

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Preacher Recap: Angelville

So, season premiere, finally! We left off with Tulip dead, and Jesse heading for the swamp, to a woman that obviously fills him with dread. One, whom in memories, had him calling her mama. (We know she’s not, really, but there’s some history here.)

“How will I know it worked?”

We begin with some guy having fits, standing, in his underwear. Someone seated in front of him knocks on a table and he falls bonelessly to the floor. Mesmerism?

This is a flashback to the past. We see the same guy putting on his clothes, asking the person in the chair how he will know ‘it’ worked. She hands him a glass of alcohol, he goes to drink it and he vomits, and thanks her. I guess she must have done some hypnosis to stop him drinking? However, her attendant refers to it as a ‘spell’, and refers to the man as ‘councilman’. Looks like the woman is some kind of swamp witch lady.

We also see some guy who looks half dead has escaped from wherever he was being kept, and the attendant has someone take him to be put back ‘with the others’. Um, okaaay. Creepy.

“As long as you have your mama with you you’ll be fine”

She also re-directs a black woman and her child who have come for the ‘plantation tour’ who are in the house, and the mother jokes that the son was worried he’d be sold off and taken away. The attendant tells the boy, ‘Don’t worry, as long as you have your mama with you, you’ll be fine’. Yikes.

This place is creepy, even though it has a civilized veneer.

We see later that the attendant, Christina, tries to escape. Her ‘family’ brings her back. We see the swamp lady–her mother–cut her open to retrieve a picture she swallowed. It’s a picture of Jesse as a baby with his father. Christina is his mother. So apparently, the crazy swamp priestess is his grandmother.

Back to the present, Jesse has arrived at the plantation. No one is home. Cassidy is pretty pissed off at this point, because in his view, Jesse let her die. So he tells Jesse him and Tulip slept together, and they fight.

Meanwhile, Grandmother and TC are home. Jesse argues and begs for Tulip’s life, and says he’ll do anything.

“Anything? That’s a big word.”

He gives Marie (that’s his grandmother’s name) some of his blood on a handkerchief. That can’t be good.

We see Tulip in Purgatory. Purgatory behaves a lot like a sitcom, laugh track and all. What we see is memories of Tulip’s past. Her childhood was pretty messed up.

Marie sends Jesse for things she needs to bring Tulip back. Jesse sends Cas. Meanwhile, Jesse goes to Jody for another thing, and we find out Jody is the one who killed his dad.

Jody takes him to get ‘transpoil’? They go to what appears to be a rival witch lady. Jody snags what they need, and they leave.

Marie thanks Cassidy for bringing Jesse back to them, and tells him if he ever needs something, to ask her.

She is one creepy lady.

“What do you think, kid?”

Jesse and Jody fight. There’s apparently a lot of unresolved differences, there. Jody kicks the crap out of Jesse, and dearly drops a truck on him. (?!)

Once they get inside and work the spell, it works. Tulip figures out what to do on her  end, and comes back. Before she does, though, she sees God in the dalmatian suit. He says she needs to help him do something, but before he can finish she wakes up in reality.

While Tulip and Cas sleep off her return, Jesse drinks alone in Marie’s kitchen. They discuss their ‘deal’, but we still don’t quite find out what he’s promised her. Did he promise to stay?

What did he promise her? It can’t be good. Guess we have to wait til next week to find out.


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