Preacher Recap: Backdoors

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Preacher Recap: Backdoors

We begin with a memory of Jesse’s. A box is dragged up from the bottom of the swamp–and young Jesse is in it. Apparently, he was staying with a family in the swamp that tried to brainwash him by leaving him in the box. This is why he doesn’t like the swamp, I presume.

Flashing back to the present, it’s the moment of truth. Jesse and Tulip pull up the armored car that The Saint is in. It’s empty.

Uh oh.

Jesse still doesn’t tell Tulip that the real reason he didn’t send The Saint to hell is that he used a part of his own soul on him.

The Grail is trying to separate Jesse from his friends. They’re obviously responsible for The Saint’s escape.

“The Messiah is a moron.”

Starr reveals to Featherstone and her partner that he plans to replace God with Jesse.

In Hell, they’re still looking for the person that doesn’t belong. They get a tip on the phone from The Saint.

Cassidy got Denis a dog. Knowing what Cas does to cats, that’s a bit…disturbing.

Jesse tries to get everyone to run away. But he wants to find God first? Make up your mind, dude. The dog gives him an epiphany–the dog guy in the fetish dungeon may have been god. Humperdoo had drawings of spotted dogs. He realizes he’d found God and looked him over.

When he goes back to the secret room, God is gone.

“Did you really start World War Two because they were out of plum cake?”

In Hell, one of the bullies brings Eugene with him to harass Hitler into showing them his personal Hell. In his Hell, his girlfriend dumps him, he’s rejected by an art dealer, he’s bumped into by a Jewish man, and denied plum cakes.

Later, Hitler says he will help Eugene escape. The warden examines Eugene to see if he’s the one that doesn’t belong, and she starts to get the idea that maybe he is.

Tulip takes Featherstone with her to have The Saint’s guns melted. It doesn’t work. It appears they can’t be destroyed.

Jesse goes to Starr to find out if he knew God was dog man. He didn’t–but Starr still tries to convince Jesse to take God’s place. He plays a tape of all of Jesse’s prayers.

Just in time, Hitler puts his plan in action. He and Eugene make a break for it by jumping in The Hole.

“Forgive me.”

Back to the old memory–the swamp people brainwashed him into calling himself one of them, and the woman calls herself his Grandma?

After Starr evokes that memory, he directs Starr to shove the tapes up his ass. Starr calls someone, and we see the man at the other end of the line running away from an armored truck. Was the one at the bottom of the swamp a decoy? Are they letting The Saint loose, now that Jesse obviously isn’t siding with them?

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Backdoors