Preacher Recap: Dallas

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Preacher Recap: Dallas

We rejoin the gang with Jesse completely going bonkers after Tulip tells him she’s married to Viktor. Apparently, she was there to get a divorce. Jesse decides to hang Viktor up in the torture room. Tulip tries to stop him, but he uses The Word to get her to leave the room.

Well, I guess The Saint should be on his way shortly.

We go back to that moment in Jesse and Tulip’s past where they get screwed on that robbery, and we see that afterward, Jesse and Tulip try to live legal lives. Of course, they fail miserably.

“All of North America would appreciate it.”

Tulip says she’s working as a real estate agent’s assistant, and Jesse is tending bar. Their criminal connection tries to draw them back into the life, but they insist they’re out. They seem to be trying to have a baby. And Jesse drinks. A lot.

Back in the present day, Viktor has woken up.

Tulip brings her stepdaughter Allie to sit with her and Cassidy at Denis’ place. Tulip was pretty pissed Cassidy told Jesse where she was.

Cassidy goes to try to salvage the situation.

In the torture room, Viktor starts to goad Jesse.

“It was you.”

Another window to the past shows us that Jesse and Tulip’s life was pretty depressing. Drink, work, and keep trying to have a baby. Eventually, Jesse decides to pray with Tulip for a baby, but nothing works. They days go on in a blur. After awhile, Jesse figures out that Tulip isn’t a realtor, she’s working with their old criminal boss. Tulip leaves to do subcontractor work for Viktor in New Orleans, and Jesse goes back to Texas to reclaim his father’s church.

“Good luck with that.”

Cassidy sneaks back into Viktor’s house, and tries to talk Jesse out of hurting Viktor. He also mentioned he was rich once?

Jesse isn’t too happy with Cassidy for the lying he’s done. So instead of directly talking Jesse out of killing Viktor he tells Jesse he’s there for him either way, and he lets Jesse come to the conclusion himself.

“He’s alive?”

Jesse squeezed divorce papers out of Viktor before letting him down from the harness.

We get another look into the past, and Tulip and Viktor were pretty happy, until she got word that Carlos had been found, and that brought us to where we began season one.

Gunfire in Viktor’s house signals the arrival of The Saint. He shoots Viktor, but Viktor’s daughter gleefully tells him where to find Jesse and Tulip.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Dallas