Preacher Recap: Gonna Hurt

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Preacher Recap: Gonna Hurt

Last episode, we learned that Grandma’s little blood collection from Jesse allows her to hurt him, and that Tulip is dog/God’s personal vengeance reaper. Starr has that piece of Jesse’s soul, and with it, Genesis. Cas is getting pretty tired of Jesse’s bullshit.  Let’s find out what this episode brings, shall we?

‘Lay down your soul to the god of rock and roll.’

Tulip goes Grail hunting to get Jesse’s soul back. She feels personally responsible for what happened. When she gets to their office, they’re gone.

dog/God finds Tulip, and stops her on the road. He tells her he intended for her to screw things up, and she did exactly what he wanted. Strangely, he looks just like the fake God. He says he has a plan, and that he’s engineering a test. She calls him on what sounds like bullshit, and says he’s just down here screwing around. He knocks her down and flees with a biker chick, and Tulip vows to find him and kick his ass.


Cas still has a bullet left in him, and while T.C. is removing it, he starts to figure out that Cas isn’t exactly human. Yikes.

‘Kick his dick ass.’

Tulip tells Jesse about her encounter with dog/God. He warns her away from messing with Grandma.

T.C. lets on that he’s realized Cassidy is odd. Jesse talks to Cassidy, and warns him the family may be catching on that he’s a vampire. He also grovels to Cassidy, since he’s pretty angry with him. They make up, but then argue about Cas leaving. Jesse wants him to go, because otherwise his family will likely kill Cas. Cas won’t go without Tulip. We all know Tulip won’t go anywhere without Jesse. So Jesse, stabs Cassidy where the bullet wound was, so that it looks like he still has the wound, and his fmily won’t figure it out as quickly.

Tulip goes poking around the house, eats something, and finds a weird phone with a grumpy man at the other end. She also finds a chest of drawers FULL of bloody handkerchiefs. Grandma has a hold on a LOT of people.

‘One little whiff just to settle the nerves.’

Jesse goes to church to talk to people at an addict support meeting to get Grandma more victims clients. He finds out that a competing swamp voodoo lady has taken her business, and what people really want from Grandma has to do with the underground room we saw Jesse cleaning last episode, a sign declared it The Tombs. I really think we probably don’t want to know what happens there.

Jesse tries to enlist Jody’s help in getting away, but Jody is too far under Grandma’s thumb.

Tulip tries to make friends with T.C. to find out what’s up with the handkerchiefs. He tells her they’re a form of blood compact. She asks if burning one of them would let someone out of  deal. T.C. tells a story that implies that burning the handkerchief might result in more harm.

‘Every curse can be broken.’

Cas asks Grandma about a love spell. Oh, Cas. I am dissappoint.

Tulip goes to see the woman taking Grandma’s business away, Madame Boyd.

Grandma lets on that Cassidy came to talk to her, but not what about.

T.C. catches Cas bleeding a chicken. Him and Jody string Cas up in a tree.

At Madame Boyd’s, Tulip sees that she’s collecting soul bits, too. She tries to find out if she can help get out of the blood compact, but they know exactly who she is.

We find out that The Tombs is a no holds barred fighting pit. They have Cassidy fight a pedophile science teacher to death (this was the science teacher we saw earlier that didn’t pay he debt to Grandma).

Well, hell. Jesse appears to be the pit master.

Crap, what’s next?

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Gonna Hurt