Preacher Recap: Hilter S03E7

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Preacher Recap: Hilter

Now, we’ll see what Hitler’s up to, now that he’s been out of Hell. Is he going to stay a step ahead of The Saint?

‘You tap your hot number, I will watch the store.’

We begin with Hitler…working at basically a Subway? He’s also covering for his boss’ infidelity?

On his break, he evangelizes to his fellow employees. He starts into one of the ranting speeches we associate with Hitler historically. He’s plotting his new regime when The Saint shows up. I guess that answers that. Oh, and look…he brought Arseface. Poor Eugene.

Jesse and Tulip burn Madame Boyd’s body in the swamp. Starr comes back for Jesse.

Back with the vampire cult, Cas seems to be making friends and growing comfortable. Creepy vampire guy Eccarius has offered him a coffin to sleep in. How cliche of him. Of course, Cassidy thinks it’s bullshit. Creepy vamp dude also wants Cas to turn another follower. One of the female followers tells Cassidy that when he turns people, he dispatches them to other corners of the world to make the world safer for vampires. Something sounds fishy about that. Somehow, Cas buys it.

‘I’ve been thinking of wearing Miley Cyrus’ skin. Like a pelt.’

Back at Grandma’s house, Starr tells Grandma he needs to ‘borrow’ Jesse, and she demands souls in exchange. Since the Grail owns the Japanese soul company, they can give her some. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), because the Allfather might find out, they have to make it look like a break-in. Tulip is totally in. So is Featherstone, according to Starr. Tulip is less than pleased.

Hoover is in charge of getting Cassidy to use as leverage with Jesse. He goes into a church and uses a bizarre code phrase, and is led into a training facility for what appears to be warrior priests, and he’s recruiting them to retrieve Cassidy.

Grandma is a freaking psycho. She says to get her those souls, or she will make sure he’s useless to the Grail, or anyone else. Niiiice.

‘There’s 63,000 kinds of fungi.’

Cas turns the fanatic girl after all. He’s not happy about it. She’s thrilled. Eccarius is his creepy self. He takes Cassidy flying. Apparently he gets extra powers from turning new vamps. They go out for a night on the town, seducing people. Eccarius turns himself into a black cat, and Hoover catches up to them with his warrior priests.

Tulip is pissy because she has to go undercover with Featherstone as a Grail agent. She insists that Jesse check on Cassidy while they’re gone. T.C. is his obsessively weird self, and Starr is having none of it.

Back with Eccarius and Cassidy, they are taking about drugs and sex when Hoover’s men catch up to them. Cassidy dispatches them all handily, and Hoover runs. Cassidy hooks up with Eccarius?? O.o

Later, we find out that Eccarius isn’t sending the newly turned out into the world at all. He kills and eats them. I’m guessing this is where he gets all his flashy powers from. He leaves the bodies out in the sun, and they burn to ash. We see dozens of outlines in the grass.

‘What if I make Genesis work and I don’t want to be your Messiah?’

Jesse promises not to betray Starr once he gets Genesis back. Uh huh. Starr doesn’t know much about Jesse.

T.C. tells Grandma he heard Tulip and Featherstone talking about Genesis. She perks right up. Uh oh.

In the elevator on the way to the Grail offices and Jesse’s soul, Starr tells Jesse he’s going to have to kill the Allfather. I looks like Starr has no spine, and was sending Jesse straight to him. Lovely.

What next?

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