Preacher Recap: Holes

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Preacher Recap: Holes

Eugene has been busy getting buff in Hell. He’s also sporting a back tat that says ‘Tracy’. Guess he has to blend in so he doesn’t get caught. People are getting thrown in The Hole just for being nice.

We get a glimpse of 1946, when Denis was born. Cassidy looks pretty happy. Back in the present day though, he’s miserable. He’s watching that same son suffer and die.

Tulip is still having the nightmares. She wants a distraction, but Cassidy doesn’t want to leave Denis. Denis begs Cassidy to bite him. Cassidy has a doctor visit Denis, and the doctor suggests keeping him comfortable. He asks Jesse to command Denis to live, but Jesse won’t do it.

“You ok?”

Jesse wants to get the serial number off the gun in the God audition video to track down the people that made it. Tulip decides to go with him.

The Grail have two agents watching Jesse.

Tulip orders Denis a new fridge, since The Saint blew a hole in the old one.

In Hell, they’ve figured out someone isn’t supposed to be there. They just don’t know who it is. Eugene is too afraid to speak up. Hitler figures out that Eugene is the one that doesn’t belong.

“Did you ever think you want to be me?”

Cassidy starts to doubt his decision to not turn Denis. He runs the whole thing by Tulip–he thinks being a vampire is a curse because he can’t be in the sun and everyone he loves dies. Tulip just keeps getting twitchier.

Back at the video place, Jesse is pretty bummed when the techs find out that the serial number on the gun has been scrubbed. However, they’re able to grab a reflection that looks like a face.

In Hell, they throw Eugene in a device room they call the extrapolator. It replays his Hell room scene with Tracy, except this time it goes differently–instead of rejecting him she accepts him. Then they sing a few bars of ‘Closing Time’? Oookaaaay. Tracy apologizes to Eugene and says she’s already promised herself to God–but he turns out to be Jesse.  The room is a test of what Eugene would do, to see if he actually belongs in Hell.

Eugene chooses to shoot himself. Later, Hitler offers to help Eugene escape Hell.

“Papa, please.”

Denis makes one last ditch effort to beg for immortality.

While attempting to clean up the mess left behind by The Saint, she inadvertently stumbles upon the stakeout site of the Grail operatives. They pretend to be normal people and hide the equipment. She invites the female operative to go to the Hurt Locker with her sometime.

Jesse waits for the video guys, but when they blow up the reflection, it’s just a coffee pot. As he leaves, he tells them to get rid of the disc. That’s when we see the clue he misses–on the CD Rom, the edge says ‘Property of Grail Industries’.

Cassidy calls another of his vampire brethren, who tell him not to bite Denis.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Holes