Preacher Recap: Les Enfants du Sang S03E06

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Preacher Recap: Les Enfants du Sang

Last week, Jesse got Cassidy out of the hillbilly fight club from hell, and he ended up back in New Orleans with what looks like a vampire cult. Tulip figured out that Jesse was just being mean trying to get rid of her, and that dog/God expected her to get his revenge. She also found out that Grandma had tied their lives together, so killing Grandma would mean killing herself. Let’s see what we’ve got this week.

‘I get it now, my story is just beginning.’

Finally, we’re catching up with Arseface and Hitler. Arseface tries to go home, and of course discovers that his hometown is a giant crater.Now he thinks that God must have had bigger plans for him.

Arseface ends up in an orphanage? Someone comes to take him out, and it ends up being our old friend, The Saint. Guess he was the other bounty The Saint was sent for?

Back with the vampire cultists, Cassidy finds that the wannabe vampires…really want to be vampires. And they meet in one of the members’ grandmother’s basement. The leader, however, is actually something.  He tells Cas he’s no poseur, and promptly swallows an owl whole. Don’t know if he’s a vampire, but he’s definitely not human.

The boys talk about what to do to keep Grandma alive. They make a plan to rob the Boyd soul collection. Jesse says both Tulip and Grandma must be killed and buried first. This appears to be for show, so the Boyds would think they’re dead.

‘I’m all outta tears.’

Then, they make plans with Tulip to carry out the heist. They begin by having Tulip open a safety deposit box at the bank. Do the Boyds actually keep souls in a safety deposit box?

Starr is pissed at Hoover that Cassidy slipped through his fingers.

Back at vampire central, it looks like the whole group is just herd cattle of a sort for the leader. He makes a ceremony of feeding on them, and they provide a fresh blood supply. Cassidy is understandably disturbed. He finds the guy a bit of a joke. The leader, however, suggests that maybe Cassidy’s had it wrong all along.

Back at The Grail, the Allfather has come for a visit.

Part of what they need to get to get into the Boyd’s safety deposit box is Madame Boyd’s saliva. Jesse kisses her to get it. The next part is a distraction for the cops–they have TC walk into a petting zoo with no pants on? Ewwwwwww…..

‘Welcome, Allfather.’

Back at The Grail, Allfather is glowering at Starr, and Starr has a cut running across the top of his head? Then, they eat horse, in what appears to be a veiled threat that if Starr fails him, he’ll eat Starr.

The weird head vampire takes Cassidy flying. O.o Cassidy had no idea they could do that. In turn, Cassidy tries to show him a night on the town. He ensorcells people, showing Cassidy there’s more they can do. When they go back to the vampire lair, Cassidy finds out that the head vamp is actually getting his powers from feeding on and actually turning some of the cultists. Naturally, since Cassidy hates what he is, he’s super pissed. He wants to leave, but head vampire wants a friend.

Jesse and Tulip come back to the house with a case of souls, so obviously, their little heist worked. They feed Grandma some soul.

Cassidy runs off to smoke a shitload of crack. While he’s there, Tulip calls. It’s hard for him to keep his misery from her. He basically says he’s moving on.

‘That’s true.’

Grandma snatches Madame Boyd and puts her in the soul extracting chair, and drinks her soul. She also grabs Tulip. Jesse has had enough when he catches her drinking Madame Boyd’s soul, and says it’s time to call The Grail.

Back at The Grail, Starr finds out that The Allfather wants to start nuclear war to trigger the apocalypse.

Cassidy goes back to Les Enfants du Sang.




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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Les Enfants du Sang S03E06