Preacher Recap: Puzzle Piece

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Preacher Recap: Puzzle Piece

Jesse’s folder ends up on the desk of the Grail’s ‘Sampson Unit’. Is this Herr Starr’s unit?

Jesse is remembering his father’s murder. As a kid, he saw it.

Cassidy is still wavering over what to do about Denis. He says they don’t need Jesse’s help after all–does that man he turned him? Or will?

Tulip isn’t sleeping, and it’s showing.

The relationships between the three are getting pretty strained.

The team watching the three of them sees Jesse use Genesis to make Tulip sleep, and report it to Herr Starr.

“I’m bored.”

Herr Starr isn’t convinced, but he orders them all killed anyway. The team they send to do it wears noise cancelling ear protection. They manage to shoot Denis before Jesse rips the ear protection off one of them, and Commands him to kill his friends. As Jesse is preparing to question the soldier, we get the answer to whether Cas turned Denis or not–Denis pounces on the soldier and tears out his throat.

Well, then.

Herr Starr has a strange dinner with the daughter of the governor of Virginia where it looks like he’s making some sort of weird prelude, but it’s interrupted.

“The smile of an indigent half-wit was your missing puzzle piece?”

The two agents in charge of seeing Jesse and friends dead get called before Herr Starr, and Agent Featherstone does some quick thinking to get them out of execution. She convinces Herr Starr that Jesse is a direct threat to the holy Child (why do I get the feeling this kid is going to be gross? Oh, yeah, it’s Preacher) and is worth bringing out the big guns. She says it’s time to ‘activate Brad’? Whoo boy.

Tulip wakes up to the mess from the attempted hit squad, with Jesse using Genesis to commandeer the police into finding out who the Grail are and to clean up the bodies and secure the apartment.

Starr does some research on Jesse, and it almost seems like he likes what he sees.

“Thank you, Papa.”

Cassidy teaches Denis about being a vampire.

Tulip borrows Featherstone’s gun. She still thinks Featherstone is just a friendly neighbor.

A cleaner starts work in the kitchen, but is it actually Brad?

Nope, Tulip shot the guy.

Brad is a drone.

At the last minute, Starr calls them off.

Instead, he offers Jesse help.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Puzzle Piece