Preacher Recap: Sokosha

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Preacher Recap: Sokosha

We begin the episode with a man talking with a couple in their living room. He’s trying to get them to sell him something–it almost sounds like some sort of medical trial, or some other sort of donation. They agree to 15%, and he hooks a tube up in the man’s leg, and extracts something that ends up in a tube. It’s white?

They drive off in an armored truck, and they go to another house where the vial they took from the other man goes into an older woman. She seemed to have some sort of dementia, but after consuming the vial, she’s completely normal again.


Back at Denis’ place, he doesn’t sound too good.

“I can be a real bastard without even trying.”

Jesse wants to keep looking for God. He’s obviously not aware of The Saint being in town. He finds out soon enough when Viktor brings him to their door–almost. She points out the wrong apartment in the building and runs, while The Saint makes his way through each apartment, slaughtering the occupants until he get to Denis’ place. Jesse finds a stray bullet in the refrigerator before he makes it to them, and our three have plenty of time to clear out. But what about Denis?

Jesse stops to use a payphone to call Fiore at the Mumbai Sky Tower, and discovers he’s dead–killed by The Saint. They decide to do some research to figure out what The Saint’s weakness is.

They find out that The Word won’t work on The Saint because he has no soul.

“Don’t hurt him.”

As they talk over his history, it dawns on Cassidy that maybe someone should warn Denis not to go home. He’s too late. The Saint is there, so Jesse uses The Word to get his attention, and tells him he’s coming to him.

Jesse does a fake out with The Saint over what was promised to him–one with a bit of truth in it. He tells The Saint that God won’t reward him for killing Jesse because God is gone. He makes a deal with The Saint, says that he can get him a soul and get him to heaven, but The Saint says he keeps Cassidy, Tulip and Denis for the hour it’ll take him.

Does this have something to do with the guys in the armored car?

Jesse goes to a voodoo shop, and finds out about the Japanese in the armored car.

Cassidy confides in Tulip that Denis is Cassidy’s son, and Tulip tries to convince The Saint to let Denis go….but that doesn’t work out too well.

As Jesse uses The Word to get the soul truck back to Denis’ place, he finds that the truck is not carrying a match for The Saint’s soul–the only match on board is his own. He takes out just enough so that The Word will work on The Saint. Then, as he’s going to send him to Hell, The Saint reminds him that if he sends him to Hell, it’s part of his soul going there, too.

So he locks him in the soul truck and sinks it in the swamp.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Sokosha