Preacher Recap: Sonsabitches

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Preacher Recap: Sonsabitches

So, last we saw, Grandma successfully brought Tulip back from Purgatory, and made some kind of deal with Jesse. Jesse is glad of Tulip’s return (I’m sure), but he doesn’t look so happy at whatever the deal was. Maybe we’ll find out this episode.

‘Angelville High’

We see a scene from Jesse’s past, where it looks like he’s running part of Grandma’s setup. She appears to operate like some sort of magic mafia, getting rid of the problems of local people in power and blackmailing them to keep them in line.

He’s collecting from a teacher who wanted to get rid of a persistent student he’d gotten a handjob from. He shorts a payment, then misses another. He and her boys round the teacher up, and Grandma pulls out his soul (the boys tell Jesse she eats them to keep young).

Back in the present, we see Jesse staring at the soul extracting rig.

Cas talks to Tulip, and asks her what being dead was like, as presumably he isn’t going to find out anytime soon. She claims not to remember.

Cas and Tulip let Jesse know that it was Grail operatives that killed her. This is news to Jesse. Cas wants to go kill Grail operatives NOW, but Jesse wants to take a minute. I have a feeling he’s not coming clean about whatever he promised Grandma.

‘I wish. I’ve run out.’

Jesse tries to get in touch with Herr Starr. He leaves a message that basically he’ll agree to be the Messiah and he wants his soul back. Is this a trick to get them to come out there so he can kill them, or is he being honest?

Meanwhile, Starr is at a temple of Krishna in India. He and a few operatives murder everyone. Getting rid of the competition? In the end, he asks the Swami if he’ll convert. He won’t so he gets shot like the rest.

Jesse tries to get Cassidy to leave, but he’s having none of it. Instead, Cas and TC bond over their mutual love of drugs.

It’s starting to look like maybe Jesse’s promise might have had to do with him working for Grandma again. She says he owes her a lot of souls. I’d bet he’s a tad relieved most of his own is currently with Herr Starr.

Tulip starts to remember what  dog/God told her, when she spots Agent Featherstone peeping at her from the bushes. She beats the crap out of her.

Meanwhile, Cas huffs gas with T.C. Both are deeply weird people.

‘Does he know Tulip’s alive?’

Featherstone’s buddy is there too, and when Jesse finds Tulip beating on Featherstone, he stops her and ties them both up. He wants to know if Herr Star knows Tulip is alive, and Hoover seems to imply that Starr does know. When Grandma comes by to ask after the noise, Jesse tells her who their captives are, and that they’re taking them out to the swamp and shooting them. She tells him to take Jody with him. O.o What a family.

Jesse distracts everyone and lets both agents go. He wants them to bring Starr to him. Maybe he thinks Starr can help him with Grandma? However, Tulip catches him talking to Featherstone and letting her go. Oops.

Grandma twigs to something being up immediately, but since he thinks she has Jesse, she doesn’t really seem to care.

Jesse explains to Tulip that he needs Starr to bring him his soul, because that’s here Genesis is. Ahh. So that’s why Genesis hasn’t been working. It’s living in his soul, and Starr has it in a bottle. Yikes. I wonder if Starr has figured that out yet?

Tulip seems mollified by the thought that once Jesse has Genesis back, everyone dies.

‘…and then we open up an ass-kicking clinic.’

Tulip and Cas are supposed to keep T.C. and Jody busy while Jesse sees to Starr, but Cas isn’t completely convinced Jesse will be honest afterward. They do their thing anyway and start a bit of a gang war, stirring up a local gang to come shoot at them.

Starr arrives, and he gives Jesse a placebo first to see what Jesse will do. After he uses what he thinks is Genesis to tell Starr to eat his dick, Starr tells him it was a placebo and that they need to talk. He wants Jesse to be the Messiah, and he says Jesse can have his soul back.

Jesse goes with him, leaving the empty placebo vial on the table. To Tulip, it looks like he abandoned them. She remembers that dog/God said he was counting on her to ‘Get those sonsabitches’. She drops a blood bag she was going to bring to Cassidy (he got shot up a bit in the impromptu gang war) and heads out.

Just as it looks like Jesse is going to get his soul back, Tulip  shows up and shoots most of Starr’s men. Starr takes the soul vial and drives off. Grandma also ends up thinking Jesse was messing with her, and she uses the blood to remind him she has it, as he starts to choke. Now Tulip is beginning to understand what Grandma has over him.

‘This is where he comes from.’

Jesse visits some secret underground room in the swamp, where they’re keeping some guy chained up. The man is missing an eye.

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