Preacher Recap: The Tom/Brady S03E08

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Preacher Recap: The Tom/Brady

So, back to Jesse’s predicament.

‘Thrice blessed, O Custer.’

Jesse is in the elevator, and Starr said he’d have to kill Allfather. He gives it the ol Custer try, but ultimately fails. Allfather lives, and he apparently has Jesse’s soul up his…rectum? Ew.

Grandma starts having guilty dreams. She’s killed a lotta people. She picks up the hotline to Hell to talk to Satan.

Cassidy and Eccarius go out. Hoover goes after them. It’s apparently a trap set up by Cassidy. Uh oh.

Satan shows up at Grandma’s? She wants Tulip out of the way, but Satan would much rather Grandma join him in Hell. She made the deal with him to stay young by eating souls. She wants a new deal. It looks like she’s going to give Jesse up and offer the Devil Genesis.

Tulip, Featherstone and Jody rob the Soul Happy Go Go.

The Allfather wants Genesis. He’s willing to torture Jesse for it. He’s convinced Genesis is in Custer, not in his soul. He wants Genesis for…Humperdoo? WTF. Seriously? He’s still stuck on Humperdoo being the descendant of Christ. He tries to transfer Genesis to Humperdoo, and like others who have tried to house Genesis, he blows up, and Genesis returns to Jesse. Then…Allfather brings out the next one? Apparently, they’ve been cloning Humperdoo. Is that how he got to be the way he is?

‘I just wanted to make you grab that guy’s ass.’

Back at Soul Happy Go Go, our trio are undercover, acting as sexual harassment trainers. They use it to steal the director’s security pass.

In Hell, Satan sends his assistant Sidney after Tulip, I’m guessing at Grandma’s behest.

A parade of Humperdoos end up gellied paste. The scientist the Grail has trying to make a successful host for Genesis is kinda nuts.

Cassidy and Eccarius hold Hoover hostage, but Starr is having none of it. He tells the boys to kill him. Eccarius wants to change him instead. They do, and Hoover actually looks kinda happy. Cas, however, is catching on that turning people isn’t what gives Eccarius his powers.

At Soul Happy Go Go, the heist commences. They leave with LOTS of souls. Sidney follows them back. Tulip tells her Featherstone is her. Featherstone has the case of souls, however. Jody reveals that he knows exactly who Sidney is, and where they’re going.

‘Sending him off already?’

Eccarius wants to get straight to eating Hoover. He uses the same ‘sending them off into the world’ schtick. Cassidy figures it all out, however. Hoover gets away.

Back at the Grail, they’re still trying to put Genesis into a Humperdoo clone. They get a clone type that will actually work, so they need to kill Allfather soon.

When Sidney brings Featherstone to the Saint and his two prisoners, Hitler borrows Featherstone’s phone to text a friend.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: The Tom/Brady S03E08