Preacher Recap: The Tombs

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Preacher Recap: The Tombs

Last we left off, Cassidy was about to fight another captive to the death in The Tombs, and Tulip was talking to Madame Boyd about how to free Jesse from the blood compact with Grandma. Let’s pick back up there.

‘It’s time.’

In Hell, we see that The Saint of Killers is being escorted to Satan’s office. Hearing his voice, it sounds like Satan was the one who was on the other end of the phone line at Grandma’s. Why does she have a hotline to Hell, exactly? We hear Satan is on the phone with someone (from the sounds of it, he talks about no survivors, and addresses the person on the other end as Allfather (which is the head of the Grail). Interesting. The Angel of Death takes The Saint’s coat. She’s a grim looking woman in a suit. The Devil strings The Saint up and has her whip him for his little jaunt on earth looking for Jesse.

Back at Madame Boyd’s office, Tulip escapes with an annoyed Madame Boyd in tow.

We see a flashback of Jesse pit-mastering at The Tombs when he was a kid. It looks like whichever fighter wins in the pit, they fight Jody for a chance to get their souls back. Of course, Jody never loses. We also find out that as a kid, Jesse was seeing a girl, and Grandma probably would not have approved.

A lot of gambling went on in the pit.

‘Pretty girl like that won’t do so good down here.’

Back in the present time, Cas is fighting the pedo teacher. Of course, he wins. Jesse keeps playing along as one of the family, and this is a side of Jesse we haven’t seen before.

With Tulip and Madame Boyd, we see that Madame has no intention of helping Tulip free Jesse, as she was the girl Grandma didn’t approve of. Her and Jesse used to be an item of a sort, until T.C.’s warnings sunk in, and he broke her heart and dumped her. Jesse didn’t want his grandmother to put her in The Tombs.

In the present, it looks like Jesse’s plan to keep Cassidy alive is to convince Jody that he’s worth more that way. He can be hacked to near bits, feed him some blood and they can do it again another night. Damn, that’s cold.

‘Just like old times, kid.’

Apparently, they did chop Cas into pieces, because while Jody is in the store getting a keg, Jesse takes Cassidy into a pack-and-ship store and boxes up his torso and limbs to ship him to safety. What the fuck?

Back in the car with Tulip and Madame Boyd, we see the rest of the story. Jesse also killed her brother, when he came to The Tombs and picked a fight with him, to the roar of the crowd. Tulip  doesn’t believe it.

At the pack-and-ship, either Cassidy found an unwary clerk to eat, or Jesse changed his mind? There’s a trail of blood, and no Cassidy in the box.

Jesse left a hand in The Tombs to make it look like Cassidy chewed himself free. He tells the waiting crowd that God is on walkabout, and gives a quickie sermon on how wretched these people are–and after he tells them there isn’t going to be a fight, Cassidy comes walking back in of his own accord. Uh oh. Was this part of the plan?

‘Are you not entertained?’

Jesse and Cassidy fight. It looks like may it IS part of the plan. Except when Tulip walks in…and he stakes Cassidy. He basically tries to warn her off by being horrible, like he was to Ms. Boyd. Turns out, he was communicating where to pick Cas up.

Tulip picks up a Cassidy stumbling by wearing someone else’s skin. Cas wants to leave, but Tulip won’t go. She wants him to go, because it’s not safe for him. She tells him she doesn’t love him, and he very nearly uses the love potion he clearly got from Grandma after all.

Oh, Cas.

He gets out of the car. Is he going to hightail it out of town? Probably not. He hops a bus to New Orleans. Tulip stays, and tells Jesse she knows he was being fake mean. She calls him out on his bullshit for not trusting her. We also find out that when he killed the Boyd brother, it was Jody who made a show of it, not Jesse.

When Tulip remembers she still has Boyd in the trunk, she lets her out and Madame tells her that the only way to break Jesse’s compact is to kill his Grandma.

Back in the Devil’s office, he sends The Saint back to earth to collect two people for him that are threatening his plans. He wants them both alive. I imagine one is Jesse…who’s the other one?

And what’s going on with Arseface and Hitler?


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