Preacher Recap: Viktor

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Preacher Recap: Viktor

We rejoin Tulip as she’s taken away by Viktor’s goons. She surrenders her gun, and at least for now, it looks like maybe he’s willing to talk.

Jesse staggers home from his supremely weird night, and doesn’t really tell Cas what’s happened. Cas is steadfastly trying to pretend nothing is wrong with Tulip, who never came back after going for cigarettes (how cliche is that, BTW?).

Waiting in Viktor’s office, it sounds like someone is dismembering another person with a chainsaw in the next room. (Nah, not ominous at all…)

“So, what am I going to do with you?”

Back to Eugene in Hell.

He meets Hitler, and nearly gets into a fight with a shitty young guy who might as well have been from the town he came from. The guy looks like he’s about ready to kick Eugene’s ass…but Hitler comes to his defense? (Now that was unexpected.)

An alarm sounds, and everyone is supposed to go back to their individual hells (ok, so that *is* what that was last episode) but Eugene’s door is locked. Hitler invites Eugene over to his Hell so he can avoid being ‘put into the hole’. Hmm. He doesn’t get to see all of Hitler’s ‘worst day’–he just gets to see part of a teatime with a girlfriend where she is trying to pressure him into showing his artwork to a gallery owner. Once the system glitches, he has to get back to his own Hell.

“Sorry isn’t going to fix this.”

Back in Tulip’s nightmare scenario, we get a little peek at what the torture chamber looks like. (Yowch.)

Victor wants answers–he brought her into his little ‘family’, and apparently she betrayed them.

Cas still pretends he has no idea what’s going on with Tulip (and it’s obvious he’s getting worried), but Jesse assumes she’s off sulking because she’s mad at him. (Typical dude, it’s all about him….heheh) He says he and Cas should check out the rest of the 127 jazz clubs.

Meanwhile, we see one of those conspicuous white vans drop a sign twirler off In front of the building.

Jesse and Cas watch an infomercial about homeless people from the last hurricane, and spot the fake God from the phone call in Season One. He’s not just a fake God–he’s a local actor.

“Why’d they hire him?”

Eugene is waiting in his cell as a maintenance man and a guar ty to figure out what’s wrong with his cell. Since its going to take awhile…she leads him off somewhere. Is he about to find out what ‘the hole’ is? Yep–the matron guard gives him a look at the hole (which is literally a hole filled with fire and screams) and warns him that because he’s in Hell, he needs to stop being nice. She also talked on the phone to someone about a loose prisoner–could that be The Saint?

Jesse and Cas find Fake God’s talent agency. Problem is, the talent agent has no idea where the actor is–no one has seen him since the God gig. (Uh oh.) They get a good look at the dude’s audition tape, and he gets killed in the end, as they tell him he has the part. How else would they get him to Heaven?

Tulip tries to have a bit of small talk with the guys around Viktor’s place, but they’re having none of it. Even Viktor’s young daughter spits in Tulip’s face.

“Looking for a gun, huh?”

Tulip is starting to get the picture that things are about to go sideways, and she handles it Tulip style–knocks out one of the guys and takes his gun. She goes to Viktor’s room to hold a gun and him and get him to let her go, but he’s got more guys that come running.

Eugene seems to take the matron’s words to heart–when a fight starts between the bully and Hitler, instead of coming to Hitler’s defense Eugene looks to the cameras and joins the mob in kicking the shit out of Hitler.

Cas finally gets through to Jesse that Tulip is in trouble. Jesse mounts a rescue (where the hell is Cas in all this?) and storms right into Viktor’s place. After throwing around the Word a bit, hr makes his way to the torture room, where he and the torturer have a truly impressive fight with improvised weapons that include a dead man’s severed arm. Having observed Jesse using the Word (Genesis), the guy starts with headphones on, but by the end he’s singing like a bird.

“You can’t kill him, he’s my husband.”

He finds Tulip talking to Viktor, and when Jesse tries to choke him out, Tulip lays the news on Jesse that Victor is her husband.

Didn’t see that coming.

While this goes on, The Saint walks down the highway, straight to New Orleans.

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