Scream Factory Releases April 2019: Superstition, The Manitou, The Brain

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Scream Factory April

scream factory

The Manitou

Synopsis from the press release:

What surgeons thought to be a tumor growing on the neck of patient Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) is actually a fetus growing at an abnormally accelerated rate. But when Karen reaches out to former lover and phony psychic Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis), she discovers that she is possessed by the reincarnation of a 400-year-old Native American demon. Now with the help of a modern-day medicine man (Michael Ansara), Erskine must survive this ancient evil’s rampage of shocking violence and forever destroy the enraged beast known as The Manitou.

Adam Says:

All three of these movies this month should be bought and run one after the other; get your friends and have a movie night. The common theme among them would be: 80’s horror movies that are fun but the monster is nothing short of absurd. In Manitou, the element is the evil reincarnation of a 400 year old medicine man who grows out of a woman’s spine. In a modern context it’s pretty offensive to both native Americans and, in a weird way, little people. However, the film is so dated that it’s almost parody and time has rendered it fairly amusing and mostly harmless. It’s easier to indulge the madness of what you’re watching if you can chalk the smears up to old timey ignorance.

Special Features Include:

  • NEW 4K scan of the original film elements
  • NEW Restored Stereo Soundtrack
  • NEW interview with author Graham Masterson
  • NEW Producing Girdler – an interview with executive producer David Sheldon
  • NEW Audio Commentary with film historian Troy Howarth
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery

scream factory releases april

The Brain

Synopsis from the press release:

Imagine a pulsating mass of grey matter, exploding in size in size and strength as takes control of human minds and devours human bodies. It could never happen, right? Just watch Independent Thinking, starring Dr. Anthony Blakely (Gale), a hot new TV program. But as the show’s ratings continue to soar, so does the suicide and murder rate among its viewers. What they don’t know is that Dr. Blake has teamed with an alien brain and plans to gain control of all humanity.

Adam Says:

The Brain is just that, a giant, killer, psychic brain with a face. The movie takes itself SO seriously but I can’t believe audiences bought the suspense even then. This film featured in the MST3K Live tour last year and I wished they had included a copy of that performance with the disc. Without the jokes, The Brain is actually kind of dry, being relatively light on gore and a monster that can’t move around much. Anyways, it still brings the weird and is a great middle film for your movie night.

Special Features Include:

  • NEW 4K scan of the original negative
  • NEW Audio Commentary with director Ed Hunt
  • NEW Audio Commentary with composer Paul Zaza
  • NEW Audio Commentary with actor Tom Bresnahan
  • NEW Canada on the Mind – an interview with actress Cynthia Preston
  • NEW From Monster Kid to Monster Man – an interview with actor George Buza
  • NEW Brain Art – an interview with assistant art director Michael Borthwick
  • NEW Food for Thought: A Love Letter to THE BRAIN
  • Still Gallery

Superstition Scream Factory 


Synopsis from the press release:

Something horrible is happening at the old house on Mill Road. A series of ghastly accidents has occurred near the site where a witch drowned centuries earlier. But when an alcoholic minister and his family move into the cursed residence, an idealistic young priest (James Houghton) and a cynical police detective (Albert Salmi) start their own investigation into the unexplained violence. Has the daughter of Satan returned for a rampage of vengeance? Will the laws of the Church be strong enough to cast out this demon? And if evil has truly found a new home, is the entire neighborhood headed straight to hell?

Adam Says:

This film is just madness, definitely end with this one. I’m still not completely sure what happens. Something about a drowned witch and she’s been killing people at the house for years. Superstition looks like an American stab at a giallo film and it is just filled with memorable kill scenes. From an inventive use of a microwave, to a priest who has an unfortunate encounter with a buzzsaw, you will marvel at all the awesome ways your possessed household might kill you. Superstition is something of a lost gem so I strongly recommend it for anyone who thinks they’ve seen all the good 80’s splatter films.

Special Features Include:

  • NEW 2K scan from the original film elements
  • NEW That Crazy Witchcraft -an interview with director James Roberson
  • NEW Lake of Fire – an interview with actor James Houghton
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot


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Adam RuhlScream Factory Releases April 2019: Superstition, The Manitou, The Brain