The Most Expensive Music Videos

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The Most Expensive Music Videos

Musicians would definitely love playing online casino real money games at online casinos. This is one way that they can get to pay for video production. After all, music videos can be quite expensive to make if you intend to get played on some of the best music channels in the world. Not forgetting, the number of awards you can get to win and how that can boost your popularity. Here are some of the most expensive music videos ever made.


Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are well known for always coming up with really expensive videos. This can be because they had to set a world standard and they could clearly afford to do all that. Scream is the most expensive video ever made by the Jackson sibling and in the world at large. Even though they tried to cut down on the costs, the video was still worth over US$7 million.


This one of the last videos that we can get to see from this musical talent. The video was quite expensive because it featured a lot of geographical areas. Additionally, it also came with a pricy wardrobe. There are a lot of things to take in from this video and this explains why it came at a US$6.5 million dollar price. This is the same amount some best real money online casino jackpots payout.

Die another Day

While Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, Madonna was the Queen of Pop as well. And we know that Michael had really pricy videos, which explains why Madonna felt obliged to do the same as well. Her 2002 “Die another Day” music video was meant to be a theme song for the James Bond movie. The starlet had to make use of US$ 6.1 million.

Express Yourself

This is another expensive music video from the Queen of Pop. The song was directed by the most popular director at that time, David Fincher. Also, this landed Madonna an MTV Music Video Award for the best direction and the best cinematography. The US$5 million spent on this song was definitely worth it.


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