The New Red Dead Redemption 2 4K/60FPS Trailer

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The New Red Dead Redemption 2 4K/60FPS Trailer

Ready to roam the plains? We are happy to tell you that the fresh trailer for the New Red Dead Redemption 2 game has been released and it’s looking fabulous! The 4K/60 fps trailer displays the second version of the game and also one of the most anticipated PC game releases for passionate fans of the title. The official release will only occur in a few weeks and until then players are left checking out the trailer and putting their imagination to good use.
What Should Players Expect?

Rockstar Games decided to drop their sweet trailer to show us just what to expect from the upcoming Red Dead Redemption game. For starters, we are happy to see serious improvements in terms of resolution and frames per second rate. The trailer features a convincing voiceover of none other than Roger Clark representing Arthur Morgan, the main character in the game. The 4K resolution will definitely bring some chills down many players’ spines, given the excellent fidelity upgrades we are expected to discover. We can mention better lighting and shadowing effects, along with better draw distances and a lot more realistic décor textures.

System Requirements To Play The New Red Dead Redemption Game

The minimum system requirements for your PC have also been released to the general public, together with a few details on how to game developer has increased the quality of the game’s graphics. For those of you who might not own the latest PCs on the market, the news is reassuring: the system requirements are not going through the roof. However, you will need to have at least;
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 running on 8 GM RAM, an Intel Core i05 CPU, 150 free GB and Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 at 2GB or an AMD Radeon R9 280 at 3GB.

These are the minimum system requirements. For better game performance, you should have a faster processor, more RAM and a newer OS version. Space could be an issue for lots of players, as 150 GB of free disk drive space is not easy to manage. You may need to consider installing the game on a secondary disk, if possible. For best effects, you should aim for 12GB of RAM, which is a common request when it comes to most of today’s video games released by big names in the industry. If possible upgrade your system to Windows 10, as this is the recommended OS version for the new game.

Expect some fine-tuning in terms of graphics, including HDR and 4K resolutions, a great fps rate and full compatibility with ultrawide monitors. Lights seem during the day and night during the game have also been significantly improved with the help of better ambient occlusion features. Wait for the most realistic shadows you have even seen in a video game thanks to the high resolution and enhanced reflections. Ready for the most realistic snow trails and textures in terms of animal fur? Red Dead Redemption 2 will definitely bring it all to the table, and more.

To The Ends Of The Earth
This is the name of the brand new game mission that the skilled and creative developers designed for passionate players. The mission requires players to gather certain herbs to receive rewards (similarly to casino players receiving rewards for finding special scatter symbols when playing slot games) and make use of the fresh treasure maps, use the gang hideouts and engage in the three new missions for bounty hunters:

● The dead or alive mission featuring ex-Confederate Cavalry Officer Camille de Millemont at the center. Catfish Jacksons wants Camille taken care of, but his very loyal companions seem to be working against Catfish.

● Herman Zizendorf needs to be tracked down and caught in Blackwater, as he has been stealing tools from tradesmen.

● Bart Cavanaugh and his crooked comrades need to be caught and Bart must be taken out dead or alive. Your mission is to do it without any bells or whistles, or you will risk drawing the attention of his men, which will result in a hot mess you will want to avoid.

These are just a few of the fresh game additions that players will have the absolute pleasure of discovering in the second version of the game.

What Else You Should Know

Get ready to watch the trailer in 60fps and enjoy all the added smoothness. As a quick note, this fps rate was not made available to players using the Xbox One or PS4 Pro game alternatives. You can find the trailer on YouTube or on the official Rockstar Games site. If you have already pre-ordered the game using the official launcher before the 22nd of October, you will be happy to know that you will be rewarded with two free games for your PC, along with free upgrades to the premium editions of the game, lots of extra bonus content within the game and more perks.

The game will be released on November 5th. If you love car racing games, you can take advantage of the free Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game that you will get for free on the same Rockstar games PC launcher.

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Pop Culture BeastThe New Red Dead Redemption 2 4K/60FPS Trailer