The Scariest Horror Movies that you can Watch Today

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The Scariest Horror Movies that you can Watch Today

The most terrifying horror films span decades and themes, but they all share one thing in common: the power to evoke your deepest fears. Horror films are disturbing to watch because they depict situations that you would like to avoid in real life. Vampires, you say? I would not want to come across one! Is it true that this is a haunted house? No, thank you. A sick serial killer who refuses to give up? That is a tough pass from me.

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Tragedy Girls (2017)

Tragedy Girls is a must-read for anyone who enjoys the grim humor of Heathers and isn’t afraid of a little carnage. Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand star as two high school seniors who run a true crime blog in this comedy-horror film.

When a serial killer begins stalking their small Midwestern community, they plan to use him as a scapegoat while committing the murders themselves to attract more followers.

Paranormal Activity (2007)

The found-footage framing of Paranormal Activity isn’t groundbreaking. This is a standard haunted house story but it’s efficient. The movie makes a lot out of a small budget, think flickering lights, doors slamming, so much so that it spawned a series of sequels that are just as spine tingling. There’s nothing quite like the original, though. Get this thrilling and nerves-wrecking movie on Netflix.

The Perfection (2019)

It’s best to go into The Perfection with no knowledge of the story because the plot twist in this psychological horror film is insane. But here’s a fast, spoiler-free synopsis: Logan Browning and Allison Williams are two gifted cellists who went to the same prestigious music school. Chaos ensues when they eventually meet.

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Garon CockrellThe Scariest Horror Movies that you can Watch Today