The Spice Girls Are Back! (mostly)

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Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Spice Girls Reunion

Oh joyous day! Four-fifths of the Spice Girls are getting back together and hitting the road. SRight now it is just UK dates – these ladies all have kids at home and dogs to walk each night, so they aren’t travelling too far – but one can hope that the dates sell well enough to drum up interest in European or even US shows.

So while Posh has opted out, gazillion manager Simon Fuller is back at the helm and he tends to turn the dowdiest of sows’ ears into sparkly and profitable silk purses. And if the Girls got by  as a quartetwithout the steam-engine that was a late 90s Geri Halliwell, they certainly can rock the stage without straight man and good-singer-for-a-designer Victoria Beckham.

Can’t wait!

Spice Girls Tour Dates

1st June – Etihad Stadium, Manchester
3rd June – Ricoh Stadium, Coventry
6th June – Stadium of Light, Sunderland
8th June – BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh
10th June – Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol
15th June – Wembley Stadium, London

Tickets will go on sale Saturday 10th November




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Martina O'BoyleThe Spice Girls Are Back! (mostly)