The Top 3 online music players

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Choosing an online music player can be a headache with so many varieties present all over the internet. All the players are different but look similar and it is not possible to keep trying each and every player personally. Choosing the best online player for yourself without knowing the benefits and drawbacks of all the music players can be as difficult as playing roulette without knowing the roulette odds. So, here is a list of the top 3 online music players with detailed descriptions that may help you choose the right one for yourself.


Spotify online player

Spotify is one of the well-known music providers in the world. The player offers a huge range of music to listen to. The odds of finding any song you search for on this player are significantly higher than other apps. The app is available for free on app stores but can be utilized to its full potential by getting a premium subscription.


Even in the free version, the user is allowed to listen and enjoy all the songs in the best quality available but the downloading feature can only be unlocked by buying the premium subscription. The user interface is buttery smooth and easy to understand. Apart from songs and music, the app also is one of the biggest podcast platforms. Spotify is certainly called the best overall music player and yes, there are deserving reasons behind it.



Tidal is the best music player if the eligibility criteria for calling it the best is set to sound quality. The player promises a ‘high-fidelity audio’ experience which is basically the same sound quality as the original CD. Apart from this, the player has a wide range of old to new songs to shuffle between. The top charts and new releases are displayed right at the home screen for users’ convenience.


Another feature that sets this player apart from others is the presence of more than 13,000 high-quality music videos, most of which are curated by the artists themselves. These videos have direct links to artist discographies and their social media channels. When coming to the drawbacks of this player, the most visible one is its high price. Tidal’s premium subscription is exponentially higher than most other music players.


Apple music

Everybody knows about the uncluttered design of apple apps. Apple Music is none of an exception. The app is smooth and very easy to navigate. Other features include offline downloading, option to create personalized playlists and Apple’s own radio known as “Beat 1”. The sound quality offered by the provider is uncompromised and can easily be called one of the best in the lot.


Coming to the drawbacks, Apple Music’s only problem is that the song variety is not as large as others on this list. The app misses songs by some major artists and many small scale artists. Other players’ playlist is usually more vivid than what the Apple player has to offer.



The above-mentioned are the top 3 music players that have their own good and bads to choose from. It is now the users’ choice to look for the criteria they want their music player to meet primarily. The ultimate goal of choosing any player is always enjoying music at its best.

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Garon CockrellThe Top 3 online music players