This Tech system Is Giving The Internet A Face Lift will Change The Way We Shop

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This Tech system Is Giving The Internet A Face Lift will Change The Way We Shop

In the olden days, the only way to shop was to go personally to a store. However, E-commerce has become a lucrative trend. In 2015, over 51% of Americans preferred shopping online.

The new forms of technology are bringing a new wave of shopping. Consequently, as they make a niche for themselves, they are disrupting the normal way we shop. For instance, Amazon has introduced drones which are offering fast and timely delivery. If you love playing online games, you would love the new online casino games and Caesars bonus code, which can help you for hours on end. You could even bet on your favorite team matches, and win big each time you make the right prediction.

The Top Startups That Can Change the Internet


Startups are embracing the following forms of new technology.

  1. Camfind.

The promise of visual search has never been made easier than with Camfind. What if I told you that you could find anything you want to buy with just a photo from your phone? Sounds ridiculous right?

Camfind is a new form of technology that has been designed to search for any item with just an image. It is 100% accurate most of the times. This new technology will save time and resources for both entrepreneurs and customers.

Currently, the new form of technology has over 1500 developers trying to design its API. Some startups in the US have already partnered with the developers.

  1. Cimagine

Online shopping has been growing rampantly. However one of the disadvantages is that some of the items such as clothes and home decor don’t exactly turn out to be what we hoped for.

What if I told there is a new form of technology which could help you visualize how the item would look like? Enter Cimagine. It was developed by Shop Direct which is a UK online retailer.

Imagine gives the best AR experience. This is because it does not need any codes since all you need is the camera of your phone. It will create a real AR experience with its smart glasses.

  1. Sling

Transactions between an online retailer and a customer have been made easier through mobile payments. This has further been implemented by the use of credit cards.

The sling is trying to create an experience where micro-businesses have a chance to transact with mobile credit cards. Some of this business do not even have an office or a storefront. However, with Sling, they are seeking to make seamless cash transactions.

A merchant is simply given bracelet with a code which is linked to their account. They can also receive a sticker. If a customer wants to make a payment, they simply scan the code on the bracelet. You can make the payments in seconds.

Although the new the technology has not yet been implemented, it will have a lot of impact on how things are done. Small businesses will no longer have to rely on the resources of giant companies.

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Pop Culture BeastThis Tech system Is Giving The Internet A Face Lift will Change The Way We Shop