Top 5 Movie Based Games To Play

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Top 5 Movie Based Games To Play

Films have provided plenty of inspiration to the gaming industry over the years and some of our favourite online and console games have been the product of collaborations between Hollywood and game producers. This is our pick of 5 of the best movie-based games. A subjective list, of course, but a great place for you to start.


Tron 2.0

Fans of the iconic 1980s sci-fi movie starring Jeff Bridges got the chance to live the dream in this RPG / shoot-em-up game that takes you inside the workings of a mainframe computer from which you must escape. Your character is Jet Bradley, son of the main man from the movie, Alan Bradley. Tron was not a hugely popular movie when it came out but has since achieved cult status and inspired other areas of pop culture, including music and games. The particular design style of the film is re-created here and along the way to finding his father Jet must battle evil corporations and shoot-down plenty of baddies. There are lots of chances to level-up and pick up extra weaponry along the way. A little out-dated now but still a cult classic worthy of the movie that spawned it.

Aliens Isolation

The deep space sci fi classic Alien is of course ripe for the gaming world and has inspired many console and web-based games. We pick this version because at times it feels as scary as the movie … genuinely. Your mission is to find a hidden flight recorder on the Seegson Corporation Ship. Your persona is the daughter of Ripley, the original character from the film. And it isn’t out-right horror, but more the same tense creepiness that you get from the original movie franchise. Depending on how you react to this kind of anxiety-filled trip this game just might scare the socks off you. You’ll need to outwit the beastly alien, hiding and distracting it as you seek the recorder. It all happens in deep darkness with threats round every corner.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

We had to include a Marvel game in here somewhere and we opted for this one from the original creators of the Spiderman series which faithfully follows much of the very original comic-book creation based as it is on the original stories from Stan Lee and Steve Dikto. If you are a fan of the webbed-wonder then you’ll love exploring the seemingly infinite world laid out in this game. Your enemies are the Sinister Six and your objective is to overcome them before they get to and destroy you! You can choose from different spider suits depending on your tastes and you will have great fun attempting to navigate around the city buildings using your spidey powers. There are many Marvel-based games but surely this is one of the best.


The Thing

Horror films are the inspiration for some of the best movie-based games of all time and this one is a particular favourite of ours. The original 1982 film directed by John Carpenter is another cult classic of course, telling the story of an extra-terrestrial life form that inhabits and imitates the organisms it encounters. In this case, a group of American scientists in Antarctica. In this game Special Forces are investigating the aftermath of the events in the film. You lead the team and become the target for the alien. You must lead your team to destroy it, but beware, because they may suspect that you have been infected, come to distrust you and disobey your orders, or worse, try to kill you. The games uses the film’s creepy narrative and weaves it into the gameplay brilliantly. Despite being nearly 20 years old now, The Thing still ranks highly in our list.


The Dark Knight Slot

Movies have inspired many online slot games too, including titles like Jurassic World, Bridesmaids, and Ted. Our favourite film-themed video slot is The Dark Knight, a Playtech game based on the Batman film in which Heath Ledger starred as The Joker. This is a six-reel game with four rows and 50 fixed paylines. The Gotham City backdrop is impressive and of course all the major characters from the film are present, including Two Face and Joker. The game has a bonus round with free spins in which extra wild symbols are added onto the reels which gives you the chance of scoring bigger wins. There are also four progressive jackpots on offer, including Grand Jackpot with a minimum payout of £1,000,000. Great visuals, great atmosphere, and a superb execution of a classic DC Comics theme.

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