Webseries: Unicornland, Award Winning New Series

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In this new eight-episode webseries we meet Annie, who explores her sexuality post-divorce by dating couples… over drinks, at dinner, and in bed. The first episode premiered on Glamour.com alongside a feature interview with creator Lucy Gillespie. Each episode features a date with a new couple, from Williamsburg hipsters, to Wall Street power duos, to Bushwick burners, as Annie becomes not just sexually active, but activated.
Unicornland was created/produced by Lucy Gillespie, directed by Nick Leavens, and shot by a 70% female cast and crew. Unicornland celebrates the ethnic and social diversity of New York City, with a cast that’s 60% non-white, including trans, genderqueer and disabled actors. The series contains themes of polyamory and open relationships, and was made with the full support of the New York sex positive community. In the final episode, Annie attends her first inclusive sex party at the Hacienda Villa, a renowned epicenter of New York scene.
Can I watch Unicornland at work?
Maybe not. This webseries  is highly NSFW, but is a well written, filmed, and acted series about helping to discover yourself after a breakup by trying out things that are normally considered taboo. From polyamory, swinging, masturbation, role play, and finally a visit to a world renown NY sex destination, Unicornland explores relationships in a way that hasn’t been displayed before.
Being selected for film festivals from around the world, and having writeups in publications as diverse as “The Huffington Post” to “Wear Your Voice” this series is a great way to spend part of your day getting “in touch” with your naughty side. And yes, the links don’t include pictures on purpose, if you want to see Unicorns, you’ve got to follow us into the land they inhabit.
And individual episodes of Unicornland can be found here
Episode 1: Should Have Been Me – Julianne and Ethan
Episode 2: Basic – Martha and George
Episode 3: Ye Shall Receive – Shira and Mikal
Episode 4: Faking It – Veronica and Archie
Episode 5: Role Play – Gina and Julio
Episode 6: Woulda Coulda – Samara and Kim
Episode 7: Bondage – Masha and Peter
 Episode 8: The Sex Party – Katherine and Joshua
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Robin LynnWebseries: Unicornland, Award Winning New Series