Will you see these famous faces at your local Bingo hall?

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Will you see these famous faces at your local Bingo hall?

We all love a good game of Bingo, don’t we? It’s easy to play, with great prizes on offer and many different ways to play. Whether you prefer to indulge in online Bingo play for real money, or get your Bingo fix down at your local hall, the game is loved so much, and by so many – including celebrities!

To prepare you for a potential A-list encounter next time you go to your local hall to play, read on as we take you on a tour of the famous faces who also love Bingo.

Russell Crowe

Whilst he may be a world-renowned actor, with many classic starring roles under his belt, one of Russell Crowe’s first ever jobs was actually as a Bingo caller! Crowe is best known for films like Gladiator and Robin Hood, although there are probably some people out there who would only recognise him as the guy who called out their Bingo numbers.

But Crowe’s brush with Bingo didn’t end too well, as the actor ended up being let go, due to using inappropriate rhymes when he was calling out the numbers. Bingo has always involved using rhymes when calling out the numbers, and they have only progressed as time’s gone on. At first, the phrases were inspired by military references, such as “62 to Waterloo” which refers to one of the stations that they often stopped at. From here, the terms developed into film-related puns and cockney rhyming slang, most of them remaining in a Bingo caller’s vocabulary today. What Crowe said to cause him to be fired – we dread to think!

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow found his fame as the frontman of the popular man-band Take That, however he had a previous career at the Bingo hall. Barlow spent many years working as a Bingo caller at his local hall, and the game seems to have had a great effect on the rest of his life. The songwriter is now quite well-known for his love of the game, especially amongst his closest friends. Barlow regularly hosts his own Bingo nights in his home, as well as organising a game or two when he’s out on tour, inviting all his staff to join in as a way to unwind.

Speaking on his love for the game, Barlow explained:

“I used to love reading out the numbers. We have bingo nights backstage on the Take That tour to help everyone relax”.

What’s more, Barlow even incorporated Bingo into his 10th wedding anniversary. If that doesn’t show commitment, then we don’t know what does!

Shane Richie

In most households, Shane Richie is known as Alfie Moon from the much-loved soap ­EastEnders. Before he found his big break, and landed a recurring role in the nation’s favourite soap, Richie worked for years as a Bingo caller, down at his local brick-and-mortar Bingo hall. Through taking this job, he gained a great deal of confidence which only lent itself to his then-aspiring acting career. Richie still has a soft spot for the game, and can often be found playing a few rounds on his time off.

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Garon CockrellWill you see these famous faces at your local Bingo hall?