2019’s Three Movies That Cannot Be Missed

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2019’s Three Movies that cannot be missed

As we draw ever nearer to the end of 2019, many will be looking for what films they can watch over the Christmas break. It has been another memorable year in the film industry, with endless releases that fans simply do not want to miss. Prior to the start of the year, William Hill offered odds on the top grossing movies of the year, with the Lion King remake expected to be a great success. So with this being the case, here we cover a list of a number of the top releases in 2019.

The Lion King

As mentioned, the expectation was high in the movie and it duly obliged. It was of course the long awaiting remake of the 1994 movie, and became one of the most expensive movies to have ever been made, with a budget of around $260 million. Jon Favreau both produced and directed the movie, following on from his same role in the hugely successful remake of the Jungle book in 2016. The film cast a number of big names for the voices, such as Donald Glover, Beyoncé and Seth Rogen. This movie was a major success and received high praise for its quality and visual effects. It has also grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide, putting it as one of the highest grossing of all time and a must for film fans.

Toy Story 4

Another animated movie to hit the screens this year was Toy Story 4. This was the fourth instalment in the hugely successful franchise and another that was a major triumph. It was the sequel to the 2010 movie, Toy Story 3, and directed by Josh Cooley. It was another movie which had a huge budget of around $200 million but grossed over $1.07 billion to date. This meant it became one of the highest grossing films of the year and all time. The movie itself has received high praise from critics and is another movie fans do not want to miss.


The final movie and a must watch for film fans is Joker. The movie was produced and directed by Todd Phillips, with Joaquin Phoenix playing the role as Joker. It has been an incredible success and received high praise, that saw it win the Golden Lion at the 76th edition of the Venice International Film festival. The movie has already grossed over $1 billion to date, which puts it as one of the not only the highest grossing of 2019 but of all-time.

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Garon Cockrell2019’s Three Movies That Cannot Be Missed