“Gemini Cell” by Myke Cole

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Today I’ll be giving a review on “Gemini Cell” by Myke Cole. I was asked to try my hand at book reviews, so here we be. I just need to remember, “No spoilers.”

Holy crap. We read a book. It’s not about games?

Try not to faint. But yes. A book.

Be still my heart…

Anyway, this is an entry into the military fantasy genre – bullets, bombs, and magic. An interesting mix to say the least. Its protagonist is Jim Schweitzer, a Navy S.E.A.L: so, a certified badass.

You had my attention at bullets.

Of course I did. Now shut your hate hole and let me get on with this.

The story starts out pretty well, and then kind of goes all George R.R. Martin-ish. Jim winds up with a severe case of dead after a mission goes wrong. But, as this is a fantasy entry, he’s not dead for long.

Suddenly, he comes to in a government facility and all is not well on the farm. His family is in danger, and he finds himself between a rock and a hard place; find out who killed him, or protect his family.

It’s an engaging read, but I found myself guessing what was going to happen next with regularity (save for one part but you’ll have to read it for yourself).

All in all, I can recommend it.

Awww. Can we read another one?

Yep, we’ll be reading the next one in the series this weekend.



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Ken "ABrokenGamer" Mitts“Gemini Cell” by Myke Cole