5 Craziest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories of All Time

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5 Craziest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Over the years the pop culture has fascinated a lot of people. Almost everyday something crazy is always bound to happen. Even if you are into pennsylvania online casinos, we are sure you love pop music.


The 5 Interesting Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories


Here is a look at five of the craziest pop culture conspiracy theories of all time. You might need to sit down while reading some of these because they might blow your mind.

#1. JonBenet Ramsey is still alive and making music!

One of the most horrible deaths to ever occur in America was the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The six-year beauty pageant star was strangled to death and raped in her basement. Her murder which is still unresolved drew the attention of the whole country. There are several conspiracy theories and even movies which have been put out there about what happened.

However, those conspiracy theories about her murder are for another day, but have you heard that about Katy Perry? Well, there are some conspiracy theorists who believe that Katy Perry is JonBenet.

In 2014, a YouTube video came around from one Dave Johnson who beloved that the death of JonBenet was a hoax. According to him, the parents of JonBenet have a strikingly similar appearance to Perry’s parents Keith and Mary.

#2. Beyonce faked her pregnancy.

Beyonce is arguably the Queen of Pop. In 2011 she made a grand announcement at the VMAs that she and JayZ were having a baby. BlueIvy Carter was born with some pretty ridiculous rumors revolving around her.

When Beyonce appeared in an interview in Australia, her stomach somewhat “folded.” People began to speculate that she was faking a baby bump and that she had gone to use a surrogate. However, her representatives went on to refute these claims.

#3. Elvis Presley is still alive.

On August 16, 1977, the world came on its knees when Elvis Presley was announced dead due to a heart attack. However, his legion of fans did not want to come to terms with his death and thus kept on believing that his death was a hoax.

Over the years there have been constant rumors that the King Of Rock and Roll has been spotted. For instance, in 1990 fans went on to make claims that they had seen Elvis during a background scene in Home Alone. However, the movie producers reputed these claims.

Other have gone to claim that Presley faked his own death and went on to live as Jon Burrows or Jimmy Ellis.

#4. Micheal Jackson and his sister Latoya are one in the same person.

The late King of Pop “may his soul rest in peace” lived at a time when there was a lot of conspiracies about him. One that is really ridiculous is that him his sister LaToya are one and the same. It is no doubt that the two have a strikingly similar appearance, but you should know they were born two years apart.

#5. Khloe Kardashian Is OJ Simpson’s daughter.

The royalty of reality TV show: The Kardashians have also had their share of rumors. One that never seems to go away is that Khloe is actually OJ Simpson’s daughter.

During one of the episode’s in Keeping up with the Kardashians Khloe went on to ask Kris if she was adopted. That was the moment when people began to speculate. Although DNA tests prove that she is not Simpsons daughter, people still don’t buy it.

Let us know what you think about these conspiracy theories.

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Garon Cockrell5 Craziest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories of All Time