5 Films That Made 2018 A Glorious Year For The Cinema

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2018: a Glorious Year for the Cinema

If your idea of a relaxing time over the holidays is to put on your PJs and watch a movie, then you are in for a treat. Here are five films that are available for streaming, and should suit the entire family.


The story of a boy who accidentally passes away and is trapped between the dead and the souls of the long gone. Contrary to grimness and fear of death, this movie depicts a Mexican set-up where people value family and celebrate life. It is a must watch, if you love animation, music and heartbreaking stories, and want to spend some quality time with children. A treat for eyes and heart, it keeps the audience engaged with the novel concept.


One of the best works of Alfonso Cuaron, Roma is a black-white movie set-up in 1970’s Mexico City. It is a personal film for the director as it is based on his nanny, Libo, her personal relationships and love for the children. The inexplicable cinematography and direction of the movie makes this simple story beautiful, gripping the audience till the end.

Lady Bird

A beautiful and heartwarming story about the relationship between a headstrong mother – wonderfully played by Laurie Metcalf – and a headstrong teenage daughter (Saoirse Ronan), Lady Bird is a treat to watch. This stubborn teenager who wants to live on her terms, and not be called Christine, has dreams beyond her or her family’s grasp; no wonder it won nominations for Best Movie and Best Screenplay at the Oscars.

Crazy Rich Asians

If you want to relax and chill then this rom-com is all you need for a lazy night. The drama is all about a rich guy from Asia who is smitten by a simple and innocent girl New York professor (Constance Wu), who is unaware of his “Prince Harry” status back in his home country. When she visits Singapore, she really knows about his lifestyle and is caught between love and family politics. Will love conquer all? Rent a CD using codes from offers and codes to watch, and check out our Mini-Review of the film, too.

Bohemian Rhapsody

“We are the champions” and “We will, we will rock you”. These are the lyrics that will make anyone’s adrenalin rush. Bohemian Rhapsody helps you understand the intensity of this song, the magnanimity of the band Queen and how they revolutionized the music industry in the eighties with frontman Freddie Mercury. Family of all ages will love the music. Our Aaron Conn reviewed Bohemian Rhapsody here.


So if you have missed any of these movies then get into your pajamas and get streaming!

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Pop Culture Beast5 Films That Made 2018 A Glorious Year For The Cinema