Blindspot Recap: Mom

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Blindspot Recap: Mom

Wow. So that happened.

We rejoined the crew with Roman remembering that Jane was the one to Zip him, and boy was he pissed. He tries to stab her with a knife from the kitchen, but thankfully between Jane and Roman’s guards, they managed to get him back in his cell at the FBI.

Jane tries to tell Weller that Roman’s just angry, but it’s pretty obvious to Weller that Roman’s memories are flooding back in, and with them, his old personality. Jane had only given Roman enough Zip to last all these days, while Jane’s system had been positively flooded with it. She’s not likely to revert the way Roman has.

Reade drops in to have paperwork signed by the new doc so he can transfer to Behavioral Science teaching at Quantico, and Zapata thinks that’s a total cop out.

Caged bird sings

Once Zapata figures out that she has information that should make their new captive (remember the second in command last episode?) talk, they get him talking…but was it in time? They tell him his gun running girlfriend is pregnant with his kid, and they’ll protect her if he gives up some information. He tells them of a warehouse location everyone is supposedly holed up in.

Jane and Weller go to the location while the others stay behind–but indeed, they discover they’re too late. The warehouse is an exact mock up of their FBI office, and nobody’s home.

Realizing what’s about to happen, Jane and Weller hurry back to find out that Shepard and her crew have already infiltrated and taken the remaining people in the building hostage.

“It’s like a game of Operation…”

Weller and Jane find two enormous bombs, and have to be delicate but quick in disarming both.

Patterson manages to lock down the building (her and Zapata are in Patterson’s lab), but Shepard starts shooting people until someone provides her with Weller’s override code. Shepard also wants into Patterson’s lab.

Patterson figures Shepard wants into the lab because it connects with databases at several different government organizations, so she starts a database migration to slow her down. Patterson and Zapata flee for a room downstairs that they can cause an electrical surge in to fry out the lab.

Will he?

Shepard finds Roman and tries to convince him to rejoin her, and while he does, it’s obvious there’s no love lost between the two. He’s almost as mad at Shepard as he is with Jane–Shepard spent all those years controlling him, and then tried to kill him.

Patterson and Zapata manage to trigger their electrical surge, but as they leave, Zapata gets shot in the neck. Dammit, she better not die. Reade stays with her putting pressure on the wound.

Jane and Weller manage to corner Shepard and Roman in Borden’s old office, but they end up escaping through an escape hole in the wall that Borden obviously spent some time making. This plan has been in the works a long time. Wonder what worse might have happened if Borden hadn’t been discovered?


The team finds out they were able to prevent simultaneous attacks in four other locations, but two locations blew up. No one was hurt, but those buildings are gone. We also see that Zapata made it to medical attention.

Jane and Weller talk in his office because Jane is paranoid she’ll be like Roman and revert to her old self, but Weller assures her she’s different—AND FINALLY–we get our Jane-Weller moment. Agents walk in on them kissing.

So THAT’S what that means….

Those agents turn out to be Secret Service agents who bring Weller to an undisclosed location. In the location, we find out what COGS was–it’s a program that takes representatives from all the major agencies and locks them in a secure location. In times of extreme crisis, they can enact the Truman Protocol (so we find out what that was, too) and their little committee replaces the US government.

This was apparently Shepard’s objective.

Some of the other COGS are people we’ve seen in previous cases, too. How many of them are Sandstorm?

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