Book: Out of Bounds (Val McDermid)

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out-of-boundsOut of Bounds

Val McDermid

Atlantic Monthly Press

December 6th, 2016

Karen Pirie heads up the Police Scotland Historic Case Unit. She solves cold cases. When eighteen year old Ross Garvie gets into a drunken auto accident, a run of his blood alcohol flags DNA in a cold case. He’s related to a suspect in a rape and murder.

Now Karen needs to run down the boy’s parentage to find out who discarded the body of Tina McDonald in a dumpster like trash. During her pursuit of the case, she collides with another one; a careless investigator rushing to classify a suspicious death as suicide draws her ire as well as her curiosity. The victim is the son of another long ago murder victim–in a case that’s gone unsolved. Karen has the feeling the two cases are inextricably linked, and despite those in her own organization out to get her, she’s determined to solve both cases.

McDermid is one of those writers I can always rely on to write a book that will be engrossing and entertaining. She is a master at crafting complex and interesting stories that are easy to enjoy from cover to cover. This book is no exception.


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JL JamiesonBook: Out of Bounds (Val McDermid)