Book: Domina (L.S. Hilton)

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Domina (Maestra #2)

L.S. Hilton


April 6th, 2017

Judith is back–and she’s no more a likeable character than she was in Maestra. She may not be likeable, but she is interesting.

A psychopath art dealer who has a proclivity for high fashion, cheap sex–and dropping bodies when people get in the way of her freedom. She’s made a low-key and tasteful name for herself in the Italian art world as Elizabeth Teerlinc, when an irritating contact at a party drops hints that he knows who she really is.

What’s worse–things begin moving in her flat. Books laid out in places she didn’t leave them. A bar of chocolate shows up in a cupboard. Someone is messing with her. If they know who she is, they certainly know what she’s done. Judith will have to move quick if she wants to stay free and alive.

Domina has much of the same things Maestra had–plenty of sex, fashion, plotting and murder. Judith definitely isn’t a character who elicits sympathy, but her antics are gripping enough to make Domina a good beach read for your summer vacation.

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JL JamiesonBook: Domina (L.S. Hilton)