Book: Foundryside (Robert Jackson Bennett)

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Robert Jackson Bennett

Crown Publishing

August 21st, 2018

Sancia Grado did what she does best–she stole something for a mystery client. Problem is, she didn’t expect the object she stole to have an opinion about it.

Sancia has a strange power–she can hear the magic-engraved items in everyday use all around her. She knows what they do just by touching and listening to them. When she’s paid to retrieve a simple looking artifact–it brings down more trouble than she’d ever imagined, and it’s far more complicated than she’d ever have guessed. Now she needs to learn a lot more about herself and what she can do.

Bennett has created a rich new world and a beginning to an epic new series. The characters are well rounded, and the story interesting enough to keep you reading until the last page.

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JL JamiesonBook: Foundryside (Robert Jackson Bennett)