Book: The Goblins of Bellwater (Molly Ringle)

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The Goblins of Bellwater

Molly Ringle

Central Avenue Publishing

October 1st, 2017

After a walk in the woods gets the curious Skye cursed by goblins, she seems to be fading before her sister Livy’s eyes. She won’t tell anyone what’s wrong, she barely speaks and barely eats.

Goblin liason Kit knows something is wrong. His family line has been cursed to provide the forest goblins with gold every month, lest they rain havoc upon the people of Bellwater. He reconnects with Livy after not seeing her since high school, and has the bright idea to try and cheer her sister Skye up by having his young cousin Grady cook for the women every day as a side job.

As Grady gets to know the mysterious Skye, he begins to puzzle out what’s wrong, and the two are bound by a curse that Livy will have to break, lest she and Kit lose their family forever.

Beautiful fairy tale set in modern time, The Goblins of Bellwater is fun and charming, reminiscent of books like War for the Oaks by Emma Bull. Fans of Bull, Holly Black, Will Shetterly and the like will love this book.

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JL JamiesonBook: The Goblins of Bellwater (Molly Ringle)