Book: Impostor Syndrome (Mishell Baker)

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Impostor Syndrome

Mishell Baker

Saga Press

March 13th, 2018

Millie Roper has gotten deft at juggling all the weirdness in her life.

Even though she isn’t dealing with the Arcadia project anymore, she’s still in Hollywood, working with an old friend.

Then, things start to go downhill with relations between the fey and the Arcadia Project, and Millie needs to prove her old partner Tijuan’s innocence. He’s being framed for a crime that could mean his life. Millie needs to get a lot better at juggling–and quickly. Both Reality and Fey worlds depend on it.

Third book in the series, and it’s an action-packed addition. Definitely recommended.

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JL JamiesonBook: Impostor Syndrome (Mishell Baker)