Book: Her Nightly Embrace (Adi Tantimedh)

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her-nightly-embraceHer Nightly Embrace

Adi Tantimedh

Atria/Leopoldo and Company

November 1st, 2016

Ravi sees gods. They are the spectators of his life, watching as things get interesting, chaotic, and fall apart. He’s been seeing a lot more of them lately, Tweeting each other on their mobile phones about #ourownpersonalholyfool.

Ravi lost his job as a teacher awhile ago, and came to work for Golden Sentinals as a Private Investigator. It’s a fairly exclusive service, and sometimes his cases can get pretty weird. Rich people are strange, and Golden Sentinals does everything from covering up or spinning scandals to finding stalkers, stolen property, and runaway brides. If they do their job right, no one will have heard of them or know they were involved.

These next few cases are the weirdest ones yet.

The gods watch on in fascination. Then they begin calling him.

The first in a three book Ravi PI series, Her Nightly Embrace introduces Ravi Chandra Singh, an endearingly uptight private detective trying to earn money to pay off his sister Sanjita’s horribly expensive wedding. He pushes forward in these awkward cases, growing both more horrified and more comfortable with the morally ambiguous actions his job involves. He’s a fun character, and one I’ll enjoy watching on the small screen. Ravi PI is currently in development for TV with Sendhil Ramamurthy to star as Ravi, and to voice the audiobooks as well as some podcast episodes. Tantimedh has created a superb cast of quirky, diverse characters employed by Golden Sentinels providing an interesting world for Ravi to move in. Definitely in for book two, and keeping an ear out for any news on the show.


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